Engineering Day – Eh, I mean MUSA Day!

Before the new semester had begun, the Monash University Student Association(MUSA) took the liberty to organise MUSA Day, an event that was held in conjunction with the Orientation Week to welcome the newcomers into the university. Registration began at 9am before the emcees, Zuhayr Wazir and Norman Harsono kicked off the event with an ice-breaking session. Buddies and school representatives went around their own groups to assist in the ice-breaking sessions and to get to know the students of their respective schools before engaging in a short period of time that was given to each group to discuss and practice their team cheer, building a lively atmosphere at the foyer.

The eventual winners, hard at work.

At 10am, the games began with the sight of groups running around and searching for their respective designated first stations around the campus. There were a few water games, physical activities and mental exercises which aimed to bond the freshies of the same school. The game stations were handled by each department in MUSA, resulting in a total of 11 stations games which students had to be present at to complete different challenges against an opponent team.

Some of the games had students in very compromising positions.

One of the game stations had a water activity that was held at the futsal court where team members had to piggyback each other from one point to another. However, the difficult part of the game was when the person being carried had to hold on to a plastic bag of water above their head. The place ended up looking like a mess, with water dripping all across the slippery floor and some participants losing grip of the plastic bag, splashing water all over the place. However it was all fun and games until a few people got a little too over-competitive trying to gain as many points as possible for their team and ended up slipping and falling, injuring themselves. So lesson learnt: do not play water activities at the futsal court.

No more water games please.

In the end, as usual, engineering showed why this event is called Engineering MUSA day when engineering won first and second place. The only thing stopping the 5 engineering teams from taking the top 5 slots were the two pharmacy teams in third and fourth. Overall it was one of the better MUSA days, and I’m sure the freshies had fun!

The usual winners <3

Do check out the full album linked here.

Words by Tiffany See Pei Er & Andrew Peter Lim

(I think you know which parts Andrew wrote)

Photos by Andrew Peter Lim & Tiffany See Pei Er

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