MUSA Presidential Candidates + Zombie Apocalypse 😱

Editor’s Note: If you conspiracy theorists needed any further convincing for you take part in this year’s student elections, you might want to give this a try.

How do your policies prepare students for a zombie apocalypse 10 years from now?

The Vox: Kajendra Govindasamy

Human centered. Realistic-optimism. Visionary.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse: Ideate and prototype innovative zombie-proof cars that will prevent those flesh-eating monsters from devouring those brain cells you went blood, sweat, and tears to develop.

Kajen believes that through the enhancement of your SQ (Spiritual Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient), you will be prepared to develop innovative solutions to any challenge that is thrown at you.

How: Leaders of Monash & External Brainstorming and Innovation Team aim to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their solutions to global challenges. Both initiatives target to develop the students’ SQ and AQ by exposing them to the adversities of the world whilst enhancing their social entrepreneurship skills.


The Spero: Johnathan Wong

Integrity. Confidence. Loyalty.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse: Monash University as an underground fortress, food supply zone and a zombie cookout party!

Johnathan believes that with the upgraded amenities, you will be able to make Monash University your danger-safe zone.

How: Refurbished lecture halls, more vending machines and microwaves to heighten a student’s experience with the facilities of Monash University. Furthermore, increased number of social events around campus to encourage inter-school mingling.

Both presidential candidates have very diverse plans on how to prepare you for a zombie apocalypse!

Choose wisely, or sleep with one eye open.

(Note: this is a summary of both the presidential candidates plans if they are elected. For a detailed policy summary, check out the election guide on MUSA Monga’s Facebook page!)


Article by Uthraa Iyer

Featured photo by Nalau Nobel


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