Students to Complete RNA Module To Attend Uni Events Outside Campus (7th MSC Meeting)

When you have a 101 things ripping your mind apart and battling for your attention, recapping a MSC at Week 5 is honestly the last thing you want to deal with. That’s why it has taken us almost four weeks to bring the MSC #7 recaps to you! Just in time for the next one happening this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Recapping from the very beginning, Gen Sec Tharshini requested that proof of absence be submitted especially by last-minute absentees from MSC #8 onwards, as it seemed suspicious that she has received quite a number of late notifications recently.

The Treasurers presented the first report highlighting the handover of the School Representatives accounts from Kelly to Jaesivan, reason being the workload imbalance between the two. They have also almost concluded budget balance meetings for the various MUSA departments to ensure there was no overspending in Semester 1. Once again, they reminded MUSA departments to adhere to the procedure set out when requesting for funds and reimbursements. Bottom line: original receipts saves lives, don’t demand for money last-minute, and always refer back to the Treasurers when complications arise.

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 2.jpg
MUSA’s financial planners/helpers…
President Thusharan informed that the MUSA Forum in Semester 2 will receive a format change, whereby students interested to participate in the multiple-session dialogue will need to register via a Google Form. Each session addresses a specific topic answered by relevant departments, for example ‘Education’ by the School Reps, ‘Welfare & Events’ by Welfare and Activities, and ‘Clubs and Societies & Funds’ by the C&S Heads and Treasurers. Sessions with Staff may be included to address matters beyond MUSA jurisdiction.

Among the points raised from the floor, C&S Head Sharik suggested holding the forum throughout the week to increase flexibility for students to attend, while Editor LingJie was concerned about the indoor venue suggested which may limit attendance by students on lunch breaks or in-between classes. President Thush acknowledged the various considerations put forward and will work towards their balanced incorporations for the upcoming Forum.

President Thush also announced the permanent MUSA Board where anything MUSA-related (events/initiatives/activities) can be publicised. The board will be placed at the foyer to increase student awareness about student happenings on campus. SOB Rep Zu Peng suggested putting boards at multiple high-traffic areas to encourage the speed of information dissemination. Talks with relevant authorities are ongoing, hopefully Thush will have some good news at MSC #8.

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 4.jpg
Keep calm and remain chill, like our 2018 MUSA President…
An umbrella rental system will be in place soon! As of now, students will need to give their IDs as collaterals but Thush and Welfare Officer Shaun are still working on the finer details with Security Head Mr Sanmugam and Student Life Mr Zebba.

Next, Vice Presidents Ryan and Khai Tze sped through their TEDxMUM report, highlighting the success of the event with 9 additional attendees besides their cap of 160 participants. Despite technical difficulties and the rainy weather, two months worth of effort definitely paid off! Revisiting the idea of making the gender sensitivity module, Respect.Now.Always (RNA), compulsory upon enrolment, it is now no longer possible as it will cause an error in the whole system. Hence, event organisers (MUSA departments and respective clubs and societies) will be sent an enrolment link for RNA to be forwarded to all registrants. Only Student Life Staff will have the database access, thus organisers will need to compile the email addresses of all registrants and submit them for the staff to check before the event. The initiative seems to be a good step towards a gender inclusive MUM, though finer details need to be planned better, as suggested by Wom*n’s Officer Melinda.

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 5.jpg
The man, the myth and the legend behind the TEDx event
The Wom*n’s Officers will be doing more to raise awareness regarding the RNA campaign by putting up posters in bathroom stalls and buntings campus-wide. The information displayed will include the on-campus options available if students face and want to report any type of harassment. Already, Melinda and Medha have collaborated with Student Life to paint the Delta Gate staircase in VIBGYOR colours to represent the symbol of inclusivity, as MUM’s first official step to being a gender inclusive campus.

Other efforts for the campaign include the Gender and Sexuality in Malaysia, Then, Now & Tomorrow speaker series, where it aims to promote and begin daily discourses on gender and sexuality beyond the SASS classrooms. The first series centred on politics where notable speakers such as YB Maria Chin Abdullah and Ivy Josiah shared their perspectives on political gender in Malaysia.

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 7.jpg
The 2018 Won*n’s Officers are doing some amazing work behind the scenes…
On to the SASS Reps’ report, SASS Pizza N Chill was a huge success with at least 50 people in attendance mingling and chilling at their own initiatives since there were no performances and activities scheduled. Students were provided with Domino’s Pizza, Milo, soda and snacks, and they had the entire MUSA Lounge with its services to themselves.  

SASS also collaborated with Liber8, an anti-human trafficking NGO, to increase awareness about the issue. A Monash alumni within the NGO reached out to the SASS CMO and Dr Sharon Bong, a Gender Studies lecturer, came to share her knowledge regarding the subject.

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 9.jpg
Calm down la, peeps. It’s just week 7…
As for SOB, their sub-committees took charge of their Semester 2 Mingle Night and held a successful zombie-themed event with the help of various MUSA departments and students! Even the impromptu station at the SOMHS building received many good reviews and feedback from the 150 attendees.

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 11.jpg
Put on the brakes, life is not an emergency…
SOMHS Reps presented their Spirit Week 2.0 with different themes from Monday to Friday of Week 4. The response from students was great, with many participating daily. Surprisingly, the medical students were more active compared to the Psychology students. The Reps were humble enough to admit that they could not showcase as much photos via Instagram due to their busy schedules.

A first for SOE, extra effort was put into this semester’s Buddy-Buddee Night with a BEACH PLS theme where attendees came in their beachwear to the decked out Badminton Court.  SOE also collaborated with SOP to bring about the Pharmgineering Race. Five months of preparation brought about an Amazing Race-styled spanned across campus, Sunway University, and Sunway Pyramid. Both events were huge successes, especially the latter where students from two different schools were put into teams to foster relationships between differing fields. The SOP Reps included the post-event survey responses in their report: 62.5% found the event to be excellent, though the event could have been shorter. And who knew human tic-tac-toe was dangerous!

[Terence] 7th MSC Meeting 12.jpg
More beach-themed events, please!!
Perhaps the highlight of the MSC was the SOIT Reps’ report which lasted only 20 seconds. This includes the acceptance and seconding of the report. Because everything, according to Skyler, was good.


Article by Elizabeth Gerard

Photos by Terence Kong


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