Monash Cook-off #13: Dalgona Coffee

Written by: Christie Wong

Featuring: Teng Sin Hui

This one will be a real familiar face in the crowd if you still remember the days of TikTok food trends and our initial transition to Zoom classes, when the new normal was actually still new. 

Tada! It’s Dalgona Coffee! 

This will be Sin Hui’s third time winning the Cook-Offs and I must admit, this is not sheer luck anymore, this is pure skill! Naturally, I’d be curious to know her secrets to success. 

So any backstory as to how you came up with the inspiration for so many prize-winning recipes?

I actually joined Cook-Off last semester but I was unable to win anything since there were too many contestants. The really sad thing was that I made a dish that required a week for me to create. So from there I decided to be more realistic about the Cook-Off.

Eh, how so?

This isn’t a competition for tasty food, this is competing to see who can create ‘good looking’ food. So I began to think of ways to present simple food in pretty ways. That’s how I ended up making 3 recipes and 3 photos 3 editions in a row. Basically thinking about appearance first before the taste.

I like your thinking, but from the looks of your photos I’m sure the  taste of the food or drinks won’t be a problem!

Ah just a secret between you and me, actually (BLEEP)

(Writer’s Note: Sorry folks, looks like my lips are sealed on this one hehe.)

Anyways, why did you decide to make the ever famous, trendy Dalgona Coffee out of so many other beverages?

Mostly because I haven’t had it in awhile. Honestly speaking, it is one of the most generic and eye-catching drinks that people will vote for.

Lo and behold, you did win! Trend setters never lie. What does it taste like?

The top layer tastes like a sticky, caramel coffee meringue, when you sip it with a portion of the milk from the bottom layer, it tastes just like a milk coffee dessert.

Sounds yummy already! This takes me right back to our days of Movement Control order way back in March, where literally everyone was making Dalgona coffee and posting it on their social media. Does this remind you of quarantine too?

Yes, it really does remind me of MCO. Back then I even bought a milk frother just for Dalgona just because I didn’t want to beat it ‘400 times’.

I see! With 3 rounds worth of vouchers I’m sure you’ll be able to buy a better milk frother soon and who knows, maybe you’ll win your 4th round. 

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