MUSA Did What: Going Out With A BANG

They say 11 must be a lucky number because you know, 11:11 being an ‘angel number’ or for many, 11.11 being the biggest dream come true for every shopaholic out there. But for this Head Writer over here, the Monash Student Council #11 marks the very last MSC ever for the rest of her life in university (To be fair, it’s not, but let’s all pretend it ends once her term is over.)

Anyway! It’s already December, the mistletoe is up, Starbucks is serving their signature Christmas drinks and frankly, 99.9% of us are ready to put all our work behind us and just take a break already (Yes, Head Writer is done writing all these MSC News, it’s not easy sitting through at least 3-5 hours of meetings where all people do is either argue about some nonsensical thing like lagging wi-fi or something less nonsensical like school fees which by the way, the answer is always the same: No, the fees will remain the same. You get the jist of it.) 

BUT! Of course there’s always that one last MSC to wrap the whole year up, say how much this experience meant to you, congratulate the incoming board, wrap it up and leave. Right?

Is it really a Monash Student Council meeting if it’s that simple? 

(Hint: It’s not.) 

Right when we’re all about to just close this chapter (We’re literally a month away from 2022, so you must be thinking, Why can’t we just end the year in peace? Just hand out the certificate quietly and leave?), the biggest faux pas of MUSA comes up. 

The Vote of No Confidence 

Let’s not play any guessing games and be frank (We’re all mature, rational adults right? ;)) . Our General Secretary has decided to raise a motion of No Confidence against our Publicity Officer, Joseph (Yes, as in the one handling our MUSA Socials like Instagram and Facebook.) Before we go any further, allow me to explain what this all means because to be honest, I would be lost too if I were you, dear reader. 

TLDR (alternatively, too damn long, too little time and close to no patience for anything that looks like a law paper)..To put it in toddler terms, a motion of ‘Vote of No Confidence’ is where an Office Bearer in MUSA screws up to the point where they receive 3 warning letters from the GenSec and where they still continue t̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶j̶o̶b̶ ̶ to not carry out their responsibilities dutifully, then this motion will be brought up to the MSC, discussed and debated until they reach a conclusion.

And speaking of conclusions, it ends in 3 ways: either (1) the Office Bearer will be placed under probation once an additional motion specifically for the probation is passed, (2) the motion is not carried over and office bearer remains in the office (3) OR they will be y̶e̶e̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶ terminated.

2/3 of the above outcomes don’t feel very daijoubu to me but that is what it is. 

So, let’s get down and dirty with the tea, shall we? 

Our Publicity Officer has been dumped three warning letters from the General Secretary due to his apparent lack of efficiency and capability in running the MUSA Publicity Department (Some late postings for MUSA activities here and there, late responses to your enquiries, the lack of MSC livestreams, the list goes on but you get the jist!)

However, the last straw would be the conflict between our GenSec and Publicity Officer about the MSC report that was meant to be submitted on the 26th of November.

For context, our PO did send in the report but there were many changes that needed to be made and it to be pronto and when those changes were not made on time, it counts as the office bearer not carrying out their duty.

So here’s where it gets a tiny bit messy, so allow me to summarize everything into 7 simple sentences for easy understanding. After the Publicity Officer submitted the MSC Report, the GenSec requested for him to make corrections to said report before the 27th of November. 

  1. After failing to make the revisions on time, it is then revealed that the Publicity Officer has been admitted into the hospital due to a fainting, headache and ear infection. 
  2. The GenSec requested for documentation or photos as evidence for his hospitalisation but he is unable to provide them on the spot as hospitals in Qatar (where he is currently based) have strict SOPs regarding photo taking. 
  3. The GenSec repeatedly requested for proof of hospitalisation and despite the Publicity Officer asking her for her understanding, she informed him that there would be no recognition for his certificate if the report is not fulfilled and that he should have asked for an Out of Office notice. 
  4. Under pressure, the Publicity Officer sent her two photos of the hospital. She later found out that the photos originated from Google Images. 
  5. On the 29th of November, the Publicity Officer then sent in his Medical Certificate as well as photos which had glimpses of the hospital as well as his mother. It is noted that the photos are time stamped and are accurate to the timeline where he was hospitalized. 
  6. A third warning letter has been sent to the Publicity Officer, resulting in the motion of Vote of No Confidence against him.

However, it is rather important to note that during the Question and Answer period during MSC  for BOTH parties involved, it seemed rather like a Firing Range directed to only the Publicity Officer.

Despite him being the so-called ‘villain’ here, it is crucial that all sides must be investigated and questioned, not only one. Seems rather biased, doesn’t it?

In fact, it was only brought up once and only towards the end of the Q&A session, that the screenshots initially provided by the GenSec that was put into the MSC report was NOT complete compared to the evidence that our Publicity Officer had shown.

But regardless of whatever defense our Publicity Officer, the motion was carried out due to 12 MSC Members voting For and 7 voted Abstain. 

Anddd that is why we no longer have a Publicity Officer for the remainder of MUSA 2021.

MUSA 2021’s Hall of Fame

I know we’re all here to get MUSA Spicy Deets but let’s not all be wet blankets and Debbie downers alright? While there might have been bad apples (I mean, which office does not have a little politics and drama right?), let’s take the time to appreciate the good things that actually happened in the term of MUSA 2021! 

Now let’s go by department shall we? Buckle up, because MUSA has a lot of them. 

For the President’s department, they have hosted a 3-day personal workshop series called the MUSA “Build Yourself” Series where speakers from various companies came to speak in workshops. Not only that, there were workshop quizzes and daily challenges for students to engage in as well! 

For the Vice President’s department, they have successfully launched the sales of Monash University Malaysia Merchandise (MUMerch)! If you’ve gotten your hands on them, we can’t wait to see you don those cute hoodies to our freezing lecture hall next semester when we see you on campus. 

For the Secretary department, they have successfully launched an e-voting system for our upcoming MUSA Elections. Hurrah! No more Google Forms, say Hello to a proper platform. 

For the Treasurer’s department, thank you for MUSA’s Bank (Cha-Ching!). Not much needs to be said, let’s just say the reason why you’ve been getting all your Grab vouchers as rewards is because of them. 

For the Club and Societies Division, we all know the biggest event would be the Monash Cup, which has converted to become Monash Cup Online (MCO) due to COVID-19 rolling us over our graves. Despite that, the production for MCO 2021 has been spectacular, with a professional studio and consistent livestreams on Twitch. 

For the MUISS department, they have hosted several events that made our International students feel just at home with us such as FIFA 21 Tournaments, MUISS Spills and the biggest one of all, Monash Cultural Night! 

For the Activities department, if you have at least joined one event that was posted on the MUSA Instagram, it was most likely hosted by them. We had Top Chef Monash, Diwali Fashion Week, Monash Got Talent and the MUSA Buddy’s Programme! What an agenda!

For the Publicity department, they have also hopped onto the podcast hype with their very own podcast, MUSA Unfiltered in Semester 1 and MUSA On Air in Semester 2. They had episodes discussing Mental Health, History and Campus Life! If you’re interested in listening to their podcast, swing by here

For the Wom*n’s department, they have hosted Women’s Week where they promoted gender equality and inclusivity among students by posting a theme everyday relating to current issues regarding gender and sexuality. 

For the Welfare department, they have hosted a myriad of events as well! From Say Yes to Monashians, to Friends or More, to “Hey Bestie, I love and Appreciate you”, there was no shortage of wholesome events coming from them!

And now, let’s go to the Seven Schools!

For the School of Arts and Social Sciences, beyond the crazy aesthetic Instagram  posts, they’ve had Music and Movie Recommendations, Trivia Tuesdays, Day in The Life of  Lecturer, SASS Mingle Night and SASS Major Wars! Let’s not forget their merchandise too! Too cute beyond belief. 

For the School of Business, they have hosted SOB Orientations, Major and Year Rep Instagram Takeovers (Hey, we have a lot of majors and even more students, information is best shared on a platform that everyone is on.), SOB Start Up Support Week (Saport Lokal!), Mentorship Game Night and SOB Virtual Hive. 

For the School of Engineering, they hosted SOE Resume Bank with Monash University Malaysia Engineering Club (MUMEC)  where 15 different companies took part in this initiative. Good luck from MONGA to those who have applied for internships under them! 

For the School of Information Technology, they hosted a Mentorship Programme “Hello Coders” for freshies to adapt to Monash (cute name!). They have also hosted a SOIT Rant Night, Among Us Game Session, Monash Coding League and a Competitive Programming Workshop. 

For the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, they have hosted Big Brain, an escape room style competition, SOMHS Solace Gallery, SOMHS Game Night and Artbeat, an Art Therapy Session!

For the School of Pharmacy, they have hosted a Mentor Mentee Program, SOP Mingle Night, Health Awareness Project, Destress Week, Pharmily Networking Day, SOP Pharmacy Cup and Social Night. Let me just say how much I love to workplay on Pharmacy and Family!

For the School of Science, they have hosted SOS Internship Experience, Procrastination Games, Meet Your Seniors, ‘From STEM to Non-STEM’ Alumni Event and Show Your Appreciation! Not only that, they’ve sprinkled in several Mingle Nights in between to ensure a healthy dose of social interaction!

Last but not least, what has

done this year? If I were to be biased, I would say a bunch of stuff! But that would take millions of years and I just don’t have the time for that (time to ciao!) So let’s start with the best ones! We published our very first Pride Month corner, celebrating you, me, he, she, theys, and everyone! We also had writing corners such as Pornhub but Realistic (Sex, but let’s make it real as heck.) and Women, Sex and Opression!

Psst, let me drop this here too.

MONGA will be sending out our physical MEGA COPY of this year’s MONGA 2021: Old is Gold.; Retro Future real soon! Keep your eyes peeled open for it in your mailboxes. 

Well, that is all from me. From writing the very first MSC News article, time flew by so fast I could barely have time to blink and now, I’m already signing off my very last MSC News article ever.

To be frank, I’m sentimental because I had a bunch of memes stored up just for these articles. Well, a goodbye is just a goodbye.

Let’s just say, we ended the year with a real BANG.

Article by Christie Wong
Header by Angeline Ho

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