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A, B, C of Monash

Editor’s Note: To reflect on the current times at Monash, we’ve decided pay homage by using the ABCs. Here’s our very first installment! A – Ancora Imparo Not to be mistaken as a spell from Harry Potter, Ancora Imparo is Monash’s motto which translates to “I am still learning”. This Italian (not Latin, mind you) […]

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Why you will find LOVE again – The April Thematic Competition winner!

I met my ex-crush yesterday. By ‘ex-crush’ I mean she’s someone I liked a lot…but couldn’t get…and I’m with some other girl now but it’s not the same…because I’ll never love anyone else like I loved her; alright yes… …I still hopelessly crush on her and I always will but I’m obligated to behave like a […]

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