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Premier League 2016 – 2017 transfers: It’s not just Zlatan

Words by: Sandeep Dhanoa With David Guetta’s miserable attempt to entertain the crowd for the Euro’s, which left many of us banging our heads against the wall, and Iceland’s hair-raising Viking clap now behind us, the focus has now shifted to club football. England’s dreadful showing in the Euro’s will undoubtedly leave them humiliated, so much […]

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What is your fitness level and how to improve it?

By: Aurelie Mok Knowing your fitness level is important for your health! Whether you are about to start a fitness program or already accustomed to daily training, knowing your fitness level helps you to get the most efficient use of your exercise sessions and avoid overtraining or undertraining. Thus, you can set your fitness goals, […]

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Beyond Physical

By Justin H’ng  My name is Justin H’ng and I am 21 years old this year. I’m a final year student majoring in finance and economics in the School of Business. I’m here to share my thoughts and experience about bodybuilding.  Do note though that I do not consider myself a bodybuilder. To me you […]

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