Perfection in Simplicity: How Japanese Culture Resonates With Their Food

To many people, food is a language that overcomes all conventional barriers of communication. To these people, words hold no importance in telling their stories when they can let their food speak on their behalf. Almost every race among humanity can be identified by the uniqueness and individuality of the flavours, smells and looks of […]

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A review of.. Maggi?

Hey guys, so I am writing about something that I would have never bothered writing about before, and here it goes – it is a food review! So, what triggered me to write a review on something that is pretty HOT and SPICY? Well, it is Maggi’s all new, largely packaged Hot Mealz! First Impression: […]

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By Emily Choong You may or may not notice, but most burger restaurants/stalls around Sunway and Subang Jaya are usually halal (no pork served) for a few reasons: Some of them are owned by Malays. As for non-Malays owners, having a halal status for their restaurant is essential especially in this country to be able […]

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