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The School of Science Book Collection Drive in support of Starbucks’ Community Library Campaign

In the course of a busy Week 8, the School of Science staff and students found time to hold a 3-day book collection drive on campus from the 26th-28th of April 2017. This event was organized in conjunction with Starbucks’ Global Month of Service (GMoS) Community Library Campaign, where books will be donated to effect […]

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The Last of Us: A Review

By Darren Adamally Video games offer us a form of virtual reality that allows us to relax, make friends or enemies, save or destroy entire universes; or if it floats your boat, race around fantastical environments, while dressed up as an annoyed mushroom (Mario Kart, I’m looking at you!). We do all of this without […]

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Brian Soong, Geekery

The International 2013

By Jimmy Liew and Brian Soong   Image source here “Wrap around gank is going to be the name of the game for IG. Who leads them? I believe it should be Zhou, they’re gonna cut for the shorter path, they storm up the river. Patience from Zhou, waiting in the wake. Na’vi is about […]

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