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There’s only slightly more than a week left till the end of the semester. That means that there’s only slightly more than a week left to rush the thousands (exaggeration or nah?) of assignments that have been scheduled on Week 12, after which the hustling doesn’t stop as we dive straight into SWOTVAC and then […]

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The School of Science Book Collection Drive in support of Starbucks’ Community Library Campaign

In the course of a busy Week 8, the School of Science staff and students found time to hold a 3-day book collection drive on campus from the 26th-28th of April 2017. This event was organized in conjunction with Starbucks’ Global Month of Service (GMoS) Community Library Campaign, where books will be donated to effect […]

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Why you will find LOVE again – The April Thematic Competition winner!

I met my ex-crush yesterday. By ‘ex-crush’ I mean she’s someone I liked a lot…but couldn’t get…and I’m with some other girl now but it’s not the same…because I’ll never love anyone else like I loved her; alright yes… …I still hopelessly crush on her and I always will but I’m obligated to behave like a […]

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