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International Women’s Day 2018

In commemoration with the International Women’s Day, we, the MUSA Wom*n’s Officers, chose to spread awareness and take a stance against cyber harassment. Given that most of us are always hooked on our gadgets and maintain quite an active life on social media, there are higher chances for incidents of cyber blackmail, stalking or hate […]

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The Rampage – C&S Week

Monday, the dreaded day of all time. I walked in with the usual resting face, because ugh people, community, sunlight, It BURNS. One more friggin’ year then bye : D Anyway, walking in and politely saying “no” to people asking if I was a first-year student, it finally hit me that it was Clubs and […]

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Da Monash Wae

We’ve all been there. First, there’s the pang of excitement when you receive the orientation schedule, then comes your first major decision as a university student: Which segment do you skip? Which days are deemed ‘useless’? You scroll through your contacts in search for a senior, or a peer who’s joining you to find out […]

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