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G,H, I of Monash

G – Graduation It is the finale. The final curtain. It is your graduation call. The annual graduation ceremony devoted to celebrating an important point in students’ lives. Examinations are finally over, scruffiness is replaced with fancy clothes and parents admire their children for reaching the finishing line of a long marathon. Officials’ speech made […]

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Viridis Green Awareness Campaign

With Earth Day being just around the corner (22nd April to be exact), campaigns on environmental protection are doubled to serve as reminders for the ones who contribute the most to Earth’s pollution – us. As part of the #MonashGoesGreen movement, Viridis organized a campaign to enlighten students on the environmental issues going around globally. […]

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Editors 2018, Event Coverage, Monga, On Campus

Glow Up In The Dark

For most of us here, week 5 is normally regarded as ‘stress week’, seeing as some of the units (unless you’re unlucky like me, then all of the units) has an assignment or test due. On Thursday of this week, the Monash University Student Association (MUSA) hosted the Glow Up event. Essentially, it was a […]

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