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Mubashshira’s Full Glam Transformation!

Editor’s Note: In a world that’s so divided between those who prefer women ‘in their natural, makeup free’ state, and the women (and men) who pack on a beacon’s worth of light on their cheekbones, we were pleasantly surprised at an entry that celebrates the latter. Mubashshira’s fantastic recreation of NikkieTutorials’ *inhales* blue -spotlight-halo-smokey-eye-look showcases […]

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Contest, Editors 2018, Monga, monthlytheme, Theme Of The Month

Obsession: Vined

Editor’s Note: For our very first thematic month competition, we’ve decided to explore the extremely personal theme of ‘Obsession’. After much internal deliberation, we settled on Katherine Khaw’s ‘Vined’, a delicate poem that not only showcases her obsession and adoration, but successfully blurs the fine line between a gentle caress and a chokehold. Perhaps, she’s […]

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Theme of the Month: Stereotypes

“You should wear pink because you are a girl!” “You are Asian, you should be good at math!” “You are an IT student? Help me fix my computer!” “Race X are so lazy and likes to scam!” Stereotypes. An often offtensive (over)generalisation of people. Whether you have been previously misjudged, or would just like to share […]

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