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Routine: Just Another Day

Editor’s Note: Everyone’s given 24 hours in a day, it’s really what you do that counts. Zheryew’s piece demonstrates the perfect juxtaposition of incorporating madness within mundanity, and showcases how some routines may not be so simple, after all. If you’re looking for an accompanying soundtrack, here’s my personal suggestion.   Just another day. A: […]

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Contest, Contributions, Editors 2018, Monga, monthlytheme, Theme Of The Month

Mubashshira’s Full Glam Transformation!

Editor’s Note: In a world that’s so divided between those who prefer women ‘in their natural, makeup free’ state, and the women (and men) who pack on a beacon’s worth of light on their cheekbones, we were pleasantly surprised at an entry that celebrates the latter. Mubashshira’s fantastic recreation of NikkieTutorials’ *inhales* blue -spotlight-halo-smokey-eye-look showcases […]

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Contest, Editors 2018, Monga, monthlytheme, Theme Of The Month

Obsession: Vined

Editor’s Note: For our very first thematic month competition, we’ve decided to explore the extremely personal theme of ‘Obsession’. After much internal deliberation, we settled on Katherine Khaw’s ‘Vined’, a delicate poem that not only showcases her obsession and adoration, but successfully blurs the fine line between a gentle caress and a chokehold. Perhaps, she’s […]

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Theme of the Month: Stereotypes

“You should wear pink because you are a girl!” “You are Asian, you should be good at math!” “You are an IT student? Help me fix my computer!” “Race X are so lazy and likes to scam!” Stereotypes. An often offtensive (over)generalisation of people. Whether you have been previously misjudged, or would just like to share […]

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