Welcome! we are the Editors of Monash University Student Association (MUSA), a.k.a the Monash Gazette (MONGA)! We are a team of students working their best to document your campus life and produce student-related content to spice up life in Monash. 

With MONGA, we aim to empower and help fellow Monashians to realise and explore their creative potentials through all channels possible, no matter it is photography, journalism, graphic design, or videography. 

We are open to collaboration with all Monash organisations, clubs, and societies! Looking forward to work with everyone of you, feel free to contact us.

By students, for students đź’™

Event coverage

MONGA aims to capture the best of your campus life, we offer coverage for campus events held by Monash clubs, societies, or organisations. Drop us a request.

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