Superheroes U-Night (7 Schools’ Mingle Night) | 25.03.2019⁣

What derived out of budget cuts an urges for more collaborative events paved way for the school’s most ambitious interactive event yet—the start of Week 4 foresaw the cumulation of 7 school representatives’ efforts since last November to hold the very first 7 Schools’ Mingle Night. SoP rep See Mun stated they wanted to enable students to not only interact with those from their respective schools but also from others.

Ang Yu Hang 20190325 7 School Mingle Night-26.jpg
Badminton court looking busy on a Monday night.

Superheroes U-Night was aptly named, from the walls deco’d with the Avengers skyline and hero-themed booth games to students going all out dressing up as various heroes, from big names like Black Panther and Thor to less conventional ones like Stitch. Attendees also aimed to win the best dressed award, with RM100 H&M vouchers up for grabs.

Ang Yu Hang 20190325 7 School Mingle Night-9.jpg
Pharmacy Representative, See Mun welcoming students.

The night kicked off with a warm welcome from school reps as emcees, and students flocked to the various booths. Students were eager to have their favourite superhero insignias drawn on themselves at the Henna booth, while the Pong Blower game booth oversaw some intense matches.

Danial,Mingle Night,-8882.jpg

The sensational performances by We Are Dance Crew preceded the night’s open mic session; students Alvin and Rain supplied wonderful tunes, and the highlight was Monash’s very own The Eleventh Hour—the duo’s dulcet tones accompanied by electric guitar enraptured the audienced and garnered them well-earned applause for their debut performance.

Danial,Mingle Night,-9122.jpg
Nominees for best dressed are lined up for their catwalk.

Finally came the best dressed awards. Nominees strut their stuff in a makeshift catwalk, their fate lying in the enthusiastic cheers of the attendees. It was ultimately Robert from SoS as a samurai and Zoey from SASS as Cho Chang who bedazzled students the most. Minigames prizes were also handed out as the event came to a mellow close.

Ang Yu Hang 20190325 7 School Mingle Night-37.jpg
Superhero friends!

Many students, especially freshies expressed being intimidated but leaving the event with fresh perspectives and new friends. Past SoB rep Li San praised the feat of the current generation of representatives, particularly the flexibility of the event and collaborative effort between schools, allowing for a chill and “voluntary mingling” experience. Overall the event was a hit among attendees, and hopefully its reception will foretell similar ones to come.

Text by Kieran

Pictures by Ang Yu Hang and Daniel Yusuf

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