SOIT x SOE Destress Night!

The much needed de-stress night was the perfect way for Monashians to wrap up a long semester’s work of deadlines and assignments. Held by the SOIT and SOE for students on the 27th of May, from 6:30PM -10:30PM; this event was one of the many coveted for occasions post-covid by everyone. Expectations and excitement for…

MPAC Presents: A Night of Drama

To conclude the hectic month of May, Monash Performing Arts Club (MPAC) hosted their annual Night of Drama on the 30th and 31st of May, the first time since campus reopened. Registration was done through google forms and was priced at only RM5 for students to enjoy a collection of five acts, each spanning around…

GRN Outdoor Movie Night!

Amidst the stifling, stress-filled haze that was Week 11, came a saviour in the form of Monash’s Green Representative Network (GRN) Outdoor Movie Night which was held on the 18th of May 2022 at 6.30 pm. Admission into the event was free of charge however students who had pre-registered but all students who were interested…

Monash Sri Lankan Protest: Fighting for Home 

“You messed with the wrong generation.” Sri Lanka, the beautiful island nation in the heart of the Indian Ocean, currently faces the worst economic and political crisis since the country’s independence. Over 22 million people have been left to fend for their own without access to food, water, gas, electricity, and medicine, all by a…

Monash Career Peer (MCP) Soft Skills Workshop 2022

Monash Career Peer (MCP) soft skills workshop brought along with it a plethora of sage advice, guidelines as to how to learn to be a better human being not only in the workforce but just in your everyday life as well, along with thought-provoking entrepreneurial discussions. Our speaker for the second day of the seminar…

Top Chef: You can never have TOO MUCH dessert! Presenting to you cupcake basket

I love to eat desserts. I’ve been baking since I was a kid, not much of a story there. My main inspiration has to be MasterChef Australia (I took the “dream big or go home” thing to heart). I am a super fan without a doubt, but the twist is, I don’t want to be there as a contestant. I want to be the judge. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious I feel like baking will help me replace a judge some day? :P 

Top Chef: Cooking a scrumptious scalloped potato roll with Fatima

Ah, potatoes. Who doesn’t love a good, hearty dish with this starchy root vege? Pursuing a food science degree now, Fatima, the winner of the non-vegetarian round shares with us her experience and inspiration behind preparing this heavenly scalloped potato roll.

A Glimpse Into What it’s Like Being Manticore’s Leading Lady.

“Everyone’s dying in Monash, have some fun man”. Yan Jun leads the house of Manticore believing that victory should never come at the comprimise of teamspirit and friendships. She is everything you imagine a capable captain would embody. As we inch closer to the grand finals (Sep 19), let’s take a look at how Manticore prepares for their games under the lead of Yan Jun and what she gotta say about this year’s Monash Cup!

Captain Clement Chui: Leviathan’s Honcho

Clement Chui, while initially signed up for the vice captain, he was astonished to see the vacant captain position. After a few life pondering moments of how he’d handle the responsibilities and his hefty units, he decided to YOLO and seize this once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Let’s take a sneak peek into how it’s like leading the House of Leviathan!

Work hard, play harder with Opinicus’ captain, Ivan Tan.

Behind the warm smile and humble personality lies a hardworking, competitive person, with a penchant for sports and who is a social butterfly. That’s right, it’s Opinicus’ Captain this year, Ivan Tan! Find out how Ivan take on the captain’s mantle and navigate Opinicus on their mission to conquer the House Cup as we sit down for a chat with him on a late Tuesday afternoon…

Inclusivity Day: Addressing Discrimination in Healthcare

Ensemble’s recent event: “Inclusivity Day: Addressing Discrimination in Healthcare” was an interactive online affair that took place on Facebook Live on the 14th of August 2021. This delightful event aimed to not only entertain those in attendance but to also raise awareness about healthcare discrimination against disenfranchised communities, specifically in regards to the LGBTQIA+ community in Malaysia, mainland China, and Australia.