Passion: Open to Submissions!

Tell us about yourselves, what do you like to do in your free time? What are the things that make you smile the widest, what makes you feel the most fulfilled? What makes you happy? Or maybe, who?

Thematic Month “Escapades” Open to Submission!

Let’s start the engine and take a trip to Who Knows Where. Where would you like to escape to? What type of world would you create? Submit your ideas and artworks and stand a chance to win vouchers worth RM100!

MONGA 2021 S1 Old is Gold out now!!

We’re please to announce the release of MONGA 2021 S1 Magazine! Take our hand (or this magazine), turn up Claire de Lune on your speaker as you travel through time with us. We hope you enjoy reading this semester’s issue as much as we loved creating and curating it!

Zoomer: Open for Submissions!

(Not So) Happy (More Than) One Year of Discovering the Existence of Zoom! Eh, I mean one year of barely surviving online classes!

Reminiscence: Open for Submissions

Bitter It’s hard looking back at the things used to be, that could’ve been, could’ve had. Sometimes you wish you could personally climb up the Great Clocktower of Time, grip the hands of the clock and yank it backwards. Go back to when things started to go sour so you could change the outcome. Sometimes…

We’re recruiting!

Hi fellow Monashians! We are very pleased to inform you all that we are now recruiting subcomms 👏👏 JOIN US TO MAKE 2021 GREAT!! (maybe, i hope, we can do this de) We welcome anyone who’s interested to apply! We are all very friendly beings Application Period Available Positions slide to view PS: We’re a…

New year, new MONGA

Hi everyone! Welcome to our newly revamped website!!! In the midst of this pandemic, we decided to switch things up a little bit. Something different from the past yet familiar to every student here reading this. Here is a tribute to the Zoom we’re all tired of, to every Monashian who managed to survive through…

Reality is out!

Hello everyone, our second issue of MONGA themed “Reality” IS FINALLY OUT! We still have some copies, so do drop by our office above the MUSA lounge to pick one up! Reality was created to be the opposite of fantasy (idk I’m not a writer and it’s SWOT vac and I have a thesis due)…

Our first magazine in 2017, Fantasy

Hello everyone, our first issue of MONGA themed “Fantasy” IS FINALLY OUT! Unfortunately, we ran out of copies to give away – 750 books were distributed in 20 minutes and we sincerely apologise for the insufficiency as it was honestly unexpected. Fantasy was created to embody the different values of what one hopes and dream for …