MONGA aims to produce a range of initiatives every year to help explore students’ creative potentials and bring the best content to you. We want to be the channel where you feel your stories are heard.

A series of monthly food review articles showcasing underrated food spots to Monash students
2020 Specials
Monash Malaysia won’t be Monash Malaysia without them.. every student has a story deserves to be heard.
An avenue created to showcase the different brands of creativity embedded in the hearts and souls of Monashians.
“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”. Here, we celebrate the stories of those out or closeted, visible or not, certain or exploring, of all sexualities and genders.
2018 SPECIAL –“A, Ancora Imparo. B, BRT Sunway. C, Confessions page… “
A homage to the ABCs and our beloved Monash.
2020 SPECIAL – “The kopitiam is now devoid of chatter and noise, but silence screams louder than ever”.
We detail the surreal experience in the midst of movement control order through our eyes.
All the stories, opinions, and deep set thoughts by students.
If you have a story to share, submit your work to