1 step forward, 3 steps back: Asian LGBTQ+ rights still at a crossroad

LGBTQ+ rights in Asia are still limited as compared to countries around the world. Despite the increasing protection and recognition, they still face societal challenges that affect their life. Read the experiences of 3 students across Asia as they share how they navigate through their identity in a home that still sees them as less than enough.

Fortunately, That’s Just Me

I was 17 when I first kissed a girl.  I was also 17 when I first had a crush on a girl.  No, those were two entirely different people.  When you’re 17 what the hell do you think you know anyways?  When you grow up watching princes chase princesses, climbing up towers to reach their…

Gay Christian ≠ Oxymoron

In Christianity, unity in diversity is encapsulated. Yet, LGBTQ+ Christians around the world are still discriminated against, limiting them in accessing the most basic human right: Self-expression. Read X’s experience as a gay Christian Malaysian on his struggles in bridging two conflicting identities.

Drag 101 Pt.3 – Celebrating Drag

For a lot of people today, RuPaul’s game-changing show was their initiation into the drag world. But as pride month wraps up (which it never should, honestly), we’re here to talk about another show today that has made quite a mark in popular media – it’s revolutionary and a shining ray of hope for mainstream…

Drag World 101 Pt.2 – Where art thou, kings?

Thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race Shows, people are starting to turn their attention to the glamourous world of drag. While queens are known for their flamboyant personas, dramatic makeup and captivating performances, their male counterparts have not been receiving the same attention. Why? Read on to learn about drag king culture and why it’s pushing back for recognition.

Drag 101 Pt.1 – Drag History

Who’s the world’s first 1st drag queen? How did the drag culture shift from mainstream entertainment to underground night life and finally, back to mainstream media? Here’s a sneak peek to how far we have come all the way from 16th century to 2020.

A Taste of Bi-Curious

Story 1 Confusion by Ashley Lim I remember my very first crush.  I was seven. It was a boy in my Standard 1 class and obviously at that time I couldn’t grasp the concept of what a crush was. All I knew was that he was cute but I was afraid to go and interact…


Inspired by César Biojo, Lay shares with us her take on the difference and similarity between gender expressions.

It’s Complicated, I Get It

I dislike cheese as it is but then again, I don’t mind cheesecake. This could imply that I’m in the middle of the cheese-liking spectrum…

Being Omnisexual: Not just the 5 letters

Omni and proud, Zoeyan Lai, an openly “out” Malaysian omnisexual talks about her coming out journey, views on the LGBTQ community, and how all these have shaped her into the person she is today.