Challenging Prejudice 

Humanity’s burgeoning curiosity 

Society’s greatest atrocity

The liberation of appearances 

Deviance transcending adherence. 

You languish in your thirst for disparity 

You seek to restrict the beauty of novelty 

Lusting over my anatomy

Your shallow desire for captivity. 

Oppressive ideals, a vicious hunger 

To manufacture a woman devoid of thunder. 

A sexual cripple, a ‘loyal’ ally 

Sordid yearnings for a stereotypical feline. 

Hyperfeminine to be desired? 

I am struggling and I am tired. 

Call me a Butch if you must 

Stud, Dyke, or a Futch

I will not comply with what you deem unjust. 

I will live loud and proud because I must. 

Body autonomy is my authority 

Your limited paradigm shall not devour me.

My expression, my right to be. 

My identity, celebratory.

Written by Shabnam Sidhu 
Header art from Sandra Chevrier

“love always wins. love has no gender. love is love. i am born this way. i am who i am”
Happy Pride Month

This is a submission to the Pride Month corner
“Expression: The Right To Be”
Contribute your artworks or essays and get featured on MONGA 2021 S1 here.

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