Passion: Open to Submissions!

Tell us about yourselves, what do you like to do in your free time? What are the things that make you smile the widest, what makes you feel the most fulfilled? What makes you happy? Or maybe, who?

What’s Wrong with Vincenzo: the trivialization of female characters

Vincenzo was a big hit, yes. It’s reasonable being a show with no loopholes, no boring moments, and perfectly-placed dark humour. But even shows like this have their flaws. In this case, it’s a pretty big one – that the writer of “Vincenzo” can’t write female characters.

The Pandemic Made Me F*CKING HORNY

*Written in first person, but does not represent the author’s own experiences Disclaimer: explicit and strong use of language and very opinionated Written from a female perspective in relation to heterosexual relationships *I wish I could say I was “off for a shag” but instead a pandemic left me home and horny; that is until I got a…

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Sex

The “first time”, often portrayed in media as magical and amazing, and more importantly, smooth, may not be how it is in reality. Today, our writer will be using her experience, teaching you what to expect if that day ever comes.

The Role of Size in The Bedroom

*Contains sexually explicit language* From all the micro-penis jokes and ‘big dick energy’ being an overused compliment, it seems like size does matter. But does it? And more importantly, why do people tend to equate quality sex with the length of men’s penis? Are the long nights of hooking up just limited to penetrating?

Not An Invitation

The systematic issue women face in Pakistan captured through a woman’s lens – the lack of autonomy, mobility and safety women have in Pakistan, all documented in one street photography series..

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

The “male gaze”, often referred to when women are visually positioned as an “object” to satisfy the heterosexual male desire, also signifies the inferiority of women being oppressed by the hegemonic patriarchy. And it applies to most pornographic content today. Unfortunately, the male gaze goes further beyond flat-screens. Yet, how is this fair? …

The Past and The Present

I notice a repeated theme that is woven throughout all period dramas and is often a strong motivator that pushes it along to the climax of the series is: the struggle for power as young single women clamber over each other to become the King’s “favoured one”…

Thematic Month “Escapades” Open to Submission!

Let’s start the engine and take a trip to Who Knows Where. Where would you like to escape to? What type of world would you create? Submit your ideas and artworks and stand a chance to win vouchers worth RM100!

Why bystand, when you should standby?

Imagine you’re lying on the floor helplessly as a man repeatedly punches and kicks you. Your attempt to protect yourself by curling into a fetus-like position is still not enough to stop the man. Even worse, your helplessness is still not enough to convince people to help. They instead watch through their phones and film…