The Pandemic Made Me F*CKING HORNY

*Written in first person, but does not represent the author’s own experiences Disclaimer: explicit and strong use of language and very opinionated Written from a female perspective in relation to heterosexual relationships *I wish I could say I was “off for a shag” but instead a pandemic left me home and horny; that is until I got a…

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Sex

The “first time”, often portrayed in media as magical and amazing, and more importantly, smooth, may not be how it is in reality. Today, our writer will be using her experience, teaching you what to expect if that day ever comes.

The Role of Size in The Bedroom

*Contains sexually explicit language* From all the micro-penis jokes and ‘big dick energy’ being an overused compliment, it seems like size does matter. But does it? And more importantly, why do people tend to equate quality sex with the length of men’s penis? Are the long nights of hooking up just limited to penetrating?