I sent out a survey to all the men who’ve ghosted me

As a 21-year-old in my physical prime and mental rock bottom, my ego could not handle being unwanted. So, I got a little passive-aggressive, neglected my social reputation and structured out a self-deprecating survey to send out to a handful of men who’ve ghosted me…

The Pandemic Made Me F*CKING HORNY

*Written in first person, but does not represent the author’s own experiences Disclaimer: explicit and strong use of language and very opinionated Written from a female perspective in relation to heterosexual relationships *I wish I could say I was “off for a shag” but instead a pandemic left me home and horny; that is until I got a…

A Glimpse Into What it’s Like Being Manticore’s Leading Lady.

“Everyone’s dying in Monash, have some fun man”. Yan Jun leads the house of Manticore believing that victory should never come at the comprimise of teamspirit and friendships. She is everything you imagine a capable captain would embody. As we inch closer to the grand finals (Sep 19), let’s take a look at how Manticore prepares for their games under the lead of Yan Jun and what she gotta say about this year’s Monash Cup!

Inclusivity Day: Addressing Discrimination in Healthcare

Ensemble’s recent event: “Inclusivity Day: Addressing Discrimination in Healthcare” was an interactive online affair that took place on Facebook Live on the 14th of August 2021. This delightful event aimed to not only entertain those in attendance but to also raise awareness about healthcare discrimination against disenfranchised communities, specifically in regards to the LGBTQIA+ community in Malaysia, mainland China, and Australia. 

MONGA 2021 S1 Old is Gold out now!!

We’re please to announce the release of MONGA 2021 S1 Magazine! Take our hand (or this magazine), turn up Claire de Lune on your speaker as you travel through time with us. We hope you enjoy reading this semester’s issue as much as we loved creating and curating it!

It’s Complicated, I Get It

I dislike cheese as it is but then again, I don’t mind cheesecake. This could imply that I’m in the middle of the cheese-liking spectrum…