MONGA 2021 S1 Old is Gold out now!!

It’s finally the time of release of 2021 S1 magazine “Old is Gold”!

The first half of 2021 has surely already been a rollercoaster ride for everyone of us. When we thought 2021 is going to be the year when everything starts to go back to normal, the uncertainty unfortunately continues. But that won’t stop us from celebrating and appreciating our life :) No matter where you are now or what you’re doing, give yourself a break, you’ve done well. MONGA is here for you.

Take our hand (or this magazine), turn up Claire de Lune on your speaker as you travel through time with us and who knows, maybe you’d end up finding a new or old piece of yourself somewhere in between.

A big thank you!!

MONGA 2021 would NOT be MONGA 2021 if we didn’t have our team of photographers, writers and designers so kudos to you guys! From the bottom of the Editor’s hearts (Angeline, Christie, Jared and Shannon), we would like to bow down to all of you who have been supporting us from the very beginning.

We hope you enjoy reading this semester’s issue as much as we loved creating and curating it!

Click here to read

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