Work hard, play harder with Opinicus’ captain, Ivan Tan.

Behind the warm smile and humble personality lies a hardworking, competitive person, with a penchant for sports and who is a social butterfly. That’s right, it’s Opinicus’ Captain this year, Ivan Tan! Find out how Ivan take on the captain’s mantle and navigate Opinicus on their mission to conquer the House Cup as we sit down for a chat with him on a late Tuesday afternoon…

MONGA 2021 S1 Old is Gold out now!!

We’re please to announce the release of MONGA 2021 S1 Magazine! Take our hand (or this magazine), turn up Claire de Lune on your speaker as you travel through time with us. We hope you enjoy reading this semester’s issue as much as we loved creating and curating it!

Drag World 101 Pt.2 – Where art thou, kings?

Thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race Shows, people are starting to turn their attention to the glamourous world of drag. While queens are known for their flamboyant personas, dramatic makeup and captivating performances, their male counterparts have not been receiving the same attention. Why? Read on to learn about drag king culture and why it’s pushing back for recognition.