MONGA 2021 S1 Old is Gold out now!!

We’re please to announce the release of MONGA 2021 S1 Magazine! Take our hand (or this magazine), turn up Claire de Lune on your speaker as you travel through time with us. We hope you enjoy reading this semester’s issue as much as we loved creating and curating it!

Why bystand, when you should standby?

Imagine you’re lying on the floor helplessly as a man repeatedly punches and kicks you. Your attempt to protect yourself by curling into a fetus-like position is still not enough to stop the man. Even worse, your helplessness is still not enough to convince people to help. They instead watch through their phones and film…

1 step forward, 3 steps back: Asian LGBTQ+ rights still at a crossroad

LGBTQ+ rights in Asia are still limited as compared to countries around the world. Despite the increasing protection and recognition, they still face societal challenges that affect their life. Read the experiences of 3 students across Asia as they share how they navigate through their identity in a home that still sees them as less than enough.

Gay Christian ≠ Oxymoron

In Christianity, unity in diversity is encapsulated. Yet, LGBTQ+ Christians around the world are still discriminated against, limiting them in accessing the most basic human right: Self-expression. Read X’s experience as a gay Christian Malaysian on his struggles in bridging two conflicting identities.