Inspired by César Biojo, Lay shares with us her take on the difference and similarity between gender expressions.

It’s Complicated, I Get It

I dislike cheese as it is but then again, I don’t mind cheesecake. This could imply that I’m in the middle of the cheese-liking spectrum…

Being Omnisexual: Not just the 5 letters

Omni and proud, Zoeyan Lai, an openly “out” Malaysian omnisexual talks about her coming out journey, views on the LGBTQ community, and how all these have shaped her into the person she is today.

Zoomer: Open for Submissions!

(Not So) Happy (More Than) One Year of Discovering the Existence of Zoom! Eh, I mean one year of barely surviving online classes!

Dark and Lovely

When my younger sister was born, the primary concern wasn’t her health, but the fact that she was darker skinned than either of our parents.