MUSA Did What: Towards A More Progressive MUSA (MSC#10)

Would you look at the time, I mean, date! It’s already Week 11 and it’s our 10th Monash Student Council already, how did it feel like we were only at MSC #2 a short while ago and yet feel like it has been 500 years? 

Anyways, we’re back with our scheduled MSC News. piping hot just for you but honestly it’s Week 11, what’s more important than our back to back deadlines and sleeping at 5AM everyday?

We’d better get good food this time, just like how MSC #9 News was decently entertaining (has everyone already bought their Monash Hoodies?👀)

You check me, I check you. 

Seems like this has been an ongoing issue and if any of you dear readers plan to join MUSA 2022 as Subcommittees, you might want to take this into consideration.

Previously, there had been an issue where subcommittee members were  not pleased working with their respective Office Bearers but it has now been solved internally(and by solved, we mean they left and a new team has been recruited).

Currently, there is an Evaluation Form to evaluate everyone in MUSA via a Performance Analysis (office bearers get to evaluate other office bearers and subcommittees get to evaluate their office bearers).

Another suggestion other than internally solving conflict is there could be a Third Party Evaluation form. However, generally if anyone is unhappy if anybody in the MUSA Departments and a resolution cannot be reached internally, the President’s and General Secretary’s email is always open BUT if you’re shy shy then you can use the anonymous MUSA Feedback Form. 

Anyways, we’re all in university and let’s assume we’re all adults.

Just do the mature thing, open your ears, open your mind and talk things out if there’s any disagreement, dissatisfaction and conflict.

If all of us are able to do that, we will finally progress as a society and maybe achieve world peace :) 

MUSA Bots?

Something interesting is finally happening!

The Publicity Department of MUSA plans on increasing efficiency of responding to messages sent to MUSA Facebook by using a Messenger Bot to reply to an automated message that the message sent has been received and will be addressed.

We get it, sometimes you have anxiety whether your message has really been sent or nah, so fret not! 

Not only that, the bot can assist in answering commonly asked questions through key word recognition such as Student Fees, Supplementary, etc and the bot will provide step by step procedures to tackle simple issues immediately.

Sounds a lot like MUSA Customer Service! 

It’s Free Real Estate! 

And by that, we mean it’s time for some self promotion. 

First off, have you followed MONGA on Instagram? If the answer is No, then dishonour on you and dishonour to your cow! Just kidding, but follow us on @MUSAMONGA (Please, the Editors need to eat too 🥺)

Next step, have you pre-ordered your FREE Mega Issue of MONGA 2021?

If you have, you’re the best! But if you haven’t, allow me to subtly drop the pre-order form right here.

I mean it’s free, it’s your very own limited copy of one of the best magazines ever (some sources say it’s the Vogue of Monash. Source: Trust Me Bro) and most importantly, please support the hard work of our MONGA Editors and subcommittees as they’ve worked hard to bring this magazine to life, from writing to designing to photographing! 

(Hint: If our theme for S1 is Old is Gold, our theme for S2 would be a complete 180 degree change from our typical pastels and corals.) 

What’re you waiting for? 

That’s all from us! A short one but contains everything that you actually need to know, no fillers, nothing.

If you’re still here, get back to your assignments because I just know that submission on Moodle is waiting for you. Bye! 

Article by Christie Wong
Header by Angeline Ho

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