Expression: The Right to “Be”

Things don’t always line up the way they appear to or should. Clothes can be an expression, but they also mean different things to different people. Gender is not fixed but rather an experience. 

Labels aren’t meant to make you feel confined. Every person who has a particular label will be unique, which is fantastic!

That is why colour, like gender, is a spectrum. Just like gender, everyone’s perception and experience of colour is distinctive.

It doesn’t matter if you dress feminine, masculine or neutral.

It doesn’t matter if you act feminine, masculine or neutral.

It doesn’t matter if your body is feminine, masculine or neutral.

It doesn’t matter how often you’re feminine, masculine or neutral.

It doesn’t matter if you use feminine, masculine or neutral pronouns.

How you express your gender doesn’t determine your gender.

A neutral or feminine man is still a man. 

A neutral or masculine woman is still a woman.

A feminine or masculine non-binary/agender person is still non-binary/agender.

No matter how many times a person is misgendered, no matter what society has to say, no matter what the label is—every gender expression and identity is valid.

So, what’s your take on it?

What are your community’s (religious, cultural, or otherwise) expectations for how a “person like you” (gender identity, assigned gender, religious identity, marital status, or otherwise) should dress?

Have you ever dressed in a way that defied those rules? How did you feel wearing those outfits? How did other people react when they saw you in them? How did their reactions affect you? Did you dress like that again?

Have you ever had your community place clothing expectations on you that you didn’t think were appropriate? Do you dress in a way that helps you fit in, or do you defy their expectations to suit your own?

MONGA presents to you our opening corner for Pride Month, all creative works are open for your interpretation.

Send in your writing piece (essays <1000 words, poetry, etc.) or visual artwork (comics, photographs, illustrations, paintings, etc.) below.

If you want to submit anonymously, please send it to

Deadline: July 9th 2021

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