MUSA Annual Election 2014 Results

Do keep a lookout for our second and final issue of MonGa for more details about MUSA 2015! * Results are as announced by Returning Officer Ong Lee Ching at 6.50 p.m. on 26 September 2014 @ MUSA lounge ** Information in the images above are courtesy of the MUSA Election Committee 2014

Humans of Monash

Featuring Humans of Monash, an Antarctic experience (penguins & whales up close!) and Monash Revolution! Grab your own copy at these locations: Outside the library Library Level 1 & 3 Near the Maybank ATM  Building 2 Reception (magazine rack) Medicine Building School of IT Course Management Office MUPA Lounge Click here to download Email us at…

MonGa The Opinion Issue is out!

  Our final issue for our term is finally out! Copies are available in front of the Library, next to the Maybank ATM machine, on a wobbly table by the round tables near the cafeteria and soon enough in the new MUSA student lounge! Grab them now :)

Editorial: MonGa Feedback

By Lestari Hairul Welcome back to the new semester! MonGa’s first issue of our term came out a couple of days ago and in between pushing the copies to various students and trying to come up ways to get people to see that we even exist, we have been gathering feedback about the issue. Most…

MonGa: The Apocalypse Issue Is Now Available!

What did you miss last semester? Do you want to know who the Monash Sunway Confessions Admins are? How did we survive the apocalypse? How can you survive the apocalypse? Get the answers in the latest issue of MonGa, available now all over the campus. So many doomsdays to survive, so little time..

Write Tales Short Story Writing Contest

Have you seen the posters around school? Visit the Write Tales website to enter! Submit your entries soon to win a trip to Australia! Contest is open to Malaysians only.

Monash Women’s Safety Survey

Based on an earlier article published on the MonDo, and after discussion with the Admin, the MUSA Wom*n’s Officers and Editorial board have teamed up to conduct a survey on the safety of female Monashians. Please participate; all submissions are kept anonymous. Monash Women’s Safety Survey

MUSA 2013 budget

By Lestari Hairul The Monash University Student Association (MUSA) 2013 has just finalised its budget at 17:47 today, 28th February 2013. After 3 straight days of meetings during its first Council meeting, the Council has decided upon the final figure of RM 1, 412, 852.35. This figure includes the budgets of the Clubs & Societies Division,…

Sem 2 MONGA – The Opinion Issue!

By the end of our first issue of MONGA, the choice of what theme the second would be was an easy one to make. The phrase “student’s voice” has been bandied about for more times than can be counted through our term as office-bearers and so what better way to end off the year than…