MUSA Info Week – MUSA Do Something Pls

The beginning of Week 3 was welcomed by our MUSA Publicity Officers’ noble initiatives as they fulfilled their promises to create awareness on the upcoming MUSA Elections as well as to educate the students on what MUSA actually does. The Publicity Officers, Charmaine Yeo and Shaun Tan opened a booth at the foyer right next to the Election Committee‘s booth that displayed the positions available to be contested for MUSA and MUISS organization chart. All the office bearers were on duty on different time slot to answer inquiries from students. Subway cookies and “I am Monashian” badges were given away at the booth as well.


Students interested in running any of the available positions can sign up with any teams they liked and leave their contact number where the parties can liaise with them later on.


So, what was MUSA Info Week really about? Editor Samuel Goh has got you covered with in this 1 minute video:

Basically, MUSA Info Week was an honest Q&A session that was held with the students who were curious or interested to run for different position on the next student council. MUSA and MUISS members of every position were required to be involved at the booth on Monday and Thursday. The event was also held in the MUSA office itself on Tuesday and Wednesday due to space constraints at the foyer. Also, another purpose of this event was to raise awareness on the upcoming election to increase votes among students as the student committee are the students’ voice. So, be aware of the election around September and remember to vote for the ones you think are capable (You have a voice and the power to vote, please do vote so that you won’t regret in the future)!

The student committees’ elections are always held on the second semester. However, compared to the previous years, MUSA election are combined with MUISS election beginning this semester. This initiative was passed through a motion in the 5th MSC Meeting in Semester 1, 2017, mainly to save costs and time as the elections and by-elections are from the General Secretary’s budget.

Speaking about the elections, let’s talk about the parties that’s currently running.

There are 3 parties: Concordia, The People, and Alpha. (Yeah, we wished the names would be more relevant with each other, for instance Revelation and Genesis, but that’s okay.) Details of each team were revealed only on 16th August (Wednesday):




On Monday (7th August) of Week 3, there was a session from the Election Committees to brief the running parties about the rules and regulations during their campaigning period, filling the nomination forms, and policy speeches. The current MUSA and MUISS members who attended the talk also shared their experiences and job scopes to motivate (or scare lol) the participants.

Here is the Election timeline for those who are unsure of what will happen next!

(We are halfway through the stages already, so be on the lookout!)


Article and Photos by Tiffany See

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