A Night Full of Drama

On the 7th of May 2018, the Monash Performing Arts Club (MPAC) hosted their 8th semi-annual Night of Drama, right here on campus. Essentially, this event allowed members of MPAC to showcase their talents. At the start of the semester, the members are grouped up and are tasked to come up with short plays roughly around 15-20 mins a piece.

NICK - NOD - WM-55.jpg
There there, buddy #MUSAEditorsHaveYourBack 💙

The event started around 6PM and had a full house. There was such an array of plays ranging from an intense look at people who tried to survive a zombie apocalypse, an unassuming tale about a girl dealing with her conflicting emotions later revealed to be psychotic killer, a buddy cop pairing between a detective and a writer that get stuck in a messy situation, to even one about pocket watches as a metaphor for something or rather. A specific sketch that practically had the audience floored from laughter was one entitled ‘Mission Impossible’, in which a group of misguided plucky underachievers decided to steal the answers for an exam.

[Terence] Night of Drama 20.jpg
Naughty naughty…
Probably one of the best features that truly enhanced the experience of the event was definitely the audience. You could really tell that everyone was immersed and were audible throughout the event. Especially in the last play, ‘It’s a Match’ which was a rom-com, everyone was practically screaming for the two leads to get together which made the experience all the more fun to watch.

[Terence] Night of Drama 84.jpg
The crowd definitely had a good laugh 😊
This particular Night of Drama did not disappoint and certainly lived up to its name. Drama was practically oozing everywhere. Overall, the acting was on-point which was a given considering this was an MPAC event but also more than that the fact that the groups could transport us to whichever situation the scene called for despite having minimal props was a true testament to their skill. The whole experience was very entertaining and was a nice way to end the Monday blues that comes along with being in Week 10.


Article by Sharifah Azlinah

Photos by Terence Kong and Nicholas Khoo


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