Editors 2013

Brian Soong

A freelance photographer, outdoor lover, Dota2 player, Nikon fanboy and (formerly) dancer.
Lestari thinks that he is weird.
Vinanie thinks that he is adventurous.
Hanny thinks that he is brilliantly eccentric.
Only eats eggplants that are fried or dried.
Thinks celery is a botanic abomination.
Favorite hero: Wisp. Hates players (especially teammates) who pick Huskar.
Drinks coffee only when stressed.
Favorite quote: When life gives you lemon, make orange juice and let others wonder how the f*** did you do it.

Brian’s articles can be found here.

Hanny Kee


Lover of all things geeky and pretty. Enjoys shopping for classic black high heel pumps as much as she yearns to relieve Luke Skywalker’s anguish when Vader said, “No Luke, I am your father.” However, everyday things that ground her from “fangirl-ing” all over the place – stuff that goes on behind the scenes, because apparently, even the Death Star had an accounts manager to make sure that the Empire has enough funds to make sure that the Storm Troopers the equipment to knock out the Rebels.

Hanny’s articles can be found here.

Lestari Hairul


Lestari’s academic interests lie in Political Science and Security Studies, her non-academic interests include logic, algebra and the occasional foray into astronomy. In her free time, she reads her unit readers/textbooks.

Lestari’s articles can be found here.

Vinanie Wijesoma

V's pic

In which my name is Acrostic
Voracious reader; everything non-fiction and only the classics.
I am a lark; that chirpy awake person during ungodly morning hours.
Needs a weekly jolt of dopamine administered via a film or a television series.
A daily dose of zen keeps (most of) the crazies away.
Not amused by medical jokes i.e. puns about Parkinson’s, Autism, and AIDS.
I require many hours of solitude. Ignorant fools deem this behaviour anti-social. I assure you it is not, it is a healthy case of introversion.
Exercise = endorphins = endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.

Vinanie’s articles can be found here.

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