Editors 2014

Emily Choong

IMG_2779 “Put your mind in the clouds but remember to keep your feet on the ground.” An extrovert and an introvert in one body because she appreciates both people and hours of solitude. A coffee addict (particularly into cappuccinos) and lover of brunches who ever so rarely questions the existence of calories in her consumptions. Thinks that the rain and Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks define the perfect marriage; not David & Victoria Beckham. Dreams of travelling and writing; to see the world and appreciate its beauty in as many forms as it can offer followed by penning down the journeys with hopes that the stories remain eternal. Emily’s articles can be found here.

Naadia Buhary

IMG_5076 This editor loves reading, writing, chocolate (especially the Belgian kind), shoes and baking! Often called The Dark Knight/ Superwoman (she leaves all the late night work to Christian Bale and Stephen Amell!), she yearns to explore the great unknown, work for the UN, change the world and maybe… just maybe adopt a penguin or killer whale! “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe (All she needs are those Choos!) :) When she’s not bogged down by science, she writes too here.

Ai Lin


occasionally oblivious but really, just needed a lil more sleep.
easily bribed, lover of all things unusual.
characters like Joffrey Baratheon feed her soul.
would do almost anything for a dare.

she doesn’t really make sense. neither does this thing here. goodbye, amigos!

sometimes she comes back to earth and opens microsoft word.


IMG_3521 Likes to think that she’s cynical and sarcastic.
In actual fact, is only a super nerd.
Currently bitter and jams to angry rap.
firstworldpotatoproblems yo
The potato (surprisingly) can write-ish.

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