Current Theme: ‘The World is in Our Hands’

Ever imagined what it would feel like to be in control of the world you’re living in? Everything you do, everything you say, everything you demand to happen, happens. It’s like, for just that one day, you’re the most “powerful” one. What would you do?

And no, you don’t always have to be the good guy.

In less than 1,000 words, tell us what you would do when you are in a position where anything is executed at your order 😉

Due: 16th August 2017

The MUSA editorial board is proud to present our monthly thematic competition!

Every month, we will release a theme, and all Monash Malaysia students may submit a creative piece based on this theme. Whether you have a passion for photography, designing, sketching, or anything else you wish to share, we are looking forward to seeing how you expand your creative mind.

Submissions received will be uploaded on Monga’s website, and the best piece will be chosen, and the winning entry will be featured in the Monga (Monash Gazette) at the end of the semester. As an added incentive, the winner of the monthly competition will receive a voucher of your choice worth RM100!

Let your creative minds flow! Anything from doodles to sketches, essays to poems, absolutely anything that you feel will fit the theme, will be considered to be featured on Monga. We look forward to seeing the creative minds of all Monashians!

For photograph submissions, please include along a short (min. 60 words) write up to elaborate on the entry.

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