A Walk Down The History Lane

MONGA – Monash Gazette, is the official student publication of Monash University Malaysia. It is released twice a year, and is curated by the students, for the students, covering a wide range of topics from campus events, to student experiences, artworks, opinion pieces, and more.

Past MONGA issues (in reverse chronological order, click the links to their download page, and sorry, we are unable to provide digital copies for magazines pre-2013):

2017 Semester 2 – Goodbye

2017 Semester 1 – Reality

2016 Semester 2 – Colours of the Wind

2015 Semester 2 – You

2015 Semester 1 – The Road Not Taken

2014 Semester 2 – The Procrastination Issue

2014 Semester 1 – Humans of Monash

2013 Semester 2 – The Opinion Issue

2013 Semester 1 – The Apocalypse


*section under progress… to be updated*

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