Go Hard or Go Home – AMF’16!

 Words By: Najrina Jalil and Sandeep Dhanoa

Coverage by: Andrew, Ashween, Aurelie, Claudia, Janice, Sitwat, Terence, Tien Chia, & Tiffany

The ALLIANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 organized by The Alliance, a coalition between Monash University, Taylor’s University and Sunway University, on the 6th of May, was a booming event with around 1,700 guests, who showed up to RAVE!

The event was opened by the up and coming, DJ Lickuid, who’s actually a student of Monash University Malaysia. DJ Lickuid entertained with funky beats and bass, amazing to get the crowd pumping! From 7.30pm onwards, the crowd cheered on DJ Pennie, a beauty who also knows how to scratch it on the tables like a boss. When Chuckiess & Whackboi, DJ/Producer duo arrived on stage, the crowd got moving, and the night started to take off into a cloud of beats and dance! A mix of John Legend’s All Of Me courtesy of the duo saw the crowd raise their glow in the dark bangles, creating a sea of light.

As the clock struck 9.30pm, BATE arrived on the scene to light up the stage with its vibrant beats. The crowd responded to BATE’s tunes with renewed enthusiasm, as BATE’s supremely talented duo of Wai Hong and Ethan Curzon did more than just to entertain the spirited crowd. BATE’s thumping performance set the perfect tone for the highlight of the day, Goldfish and Blink. Their arrival at 10.30pm led to attendees rushing into The Grand Hall. Ravers revelled in Goldfish and Blink’s drops, as the local act kept the thirsty crowd pumped up all along.

Around 11.40pm, Goldfish and Blink drew and end to the bustling night with their very own take on The Chainsmokers’ Don’t let me down, sending the crowd into a craze for one last time and leaving many hoping that this year’s Alliance Music Festival, will be the first of many collaborations, form The Alliance – Coalition of Voices.    

Overall, the music festival was a success and achievement for the coalition– a big thanks to the hardworking organizers from all Universities! And to all guests- see you at the next rave!

On a side note, check out the mini gallery below – Stay tuned for more pictures! 




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