How to Choose Your Heels?

Words by: Hosheeta Ramsurrun

heels 1

Shoes, more precisely heels, are THE accessory a girl always needs. Never has a girl said she has enough shoes. There are different types of heels for different occasions and attire. With the Monash Annual Ball coming up, here are some tips on how to choose your heels.

There are different types of heels available. If the occasion is a formal one, like a business meeting or to go to work, the heel to opt for it the kitten heels. Usually, closed ones are better looking with a formal attire and they give an all-classy look to the whole outfit. Kitten heels have short heels, maybe around 3-4 inches, which make them all the more comfortable to wear. Girls can easily pull it off for the whole day. However, if the front is closed ones, you should be careful when buying as some material can prove to be very painful and blisters can form.

heels 2

For casual wear and sundresses, stylish wedges complement the look in a really fashionable way. Wedges are very popular and it is the best heels to start with. There is more stability with wedges and they are very fashionable as well. Choosing wedges is easy. Just remember the clothes you want to pair them with! Wedges normally complement all types of dresses and the colourful ones tend to add a dash of colour to the whole outfit. Also, nowadays, mixing of colours tend to appear as a great fashion statement to the world.

heels 3

Stiletto heels are probably the most popular heels around the world. Its long and thin heels tend to make an outfit classier and is usually associated with the image of femme fatale. It is known that stilettos give the optical illusion of having a longer, slimmer leg all the while having a greater height. Stilettos are of all types, open ones, closed ones, and have all types of length of heels, with some going up to around 8-10 inches. Stiletto heels can be worn with any clothes, but a good match for dresses (long and short) and jeans. They adorn the feet in a beautiful manner. However, it is initially difficult for most women to walk in these slim heels as not much stability is present and it also depends on the ground level. You should always start with short ones, around 2-3 inches and work your way up. Practicing how to walk with them around the house also is a good way to start.

heels 4

The size of heels is a very important aspect. Any time of heels must be comfortable to the person wearing it. Some heels, especially the very long ones, tend to cause the feet to push forward and hence may be troubling to wear. The closed ones can them cause blisters if the size is not correct and if the feet are too tight inside. Comfort is a very important aspect in choosing shoes. Also another aspect to consider is the coverage of the shoes. Choose those which will enhance your feet, all the while covering it properly. Also, the new in with shoes is to go for heels having designs, flowery mostly, on them or having laces around in some places.

The fashion around shoes keeps evolving each and every day and it can be really difficult to choose only one pair. A word of advice; a girl can never have enough shoes!

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