A New Year, A New Us.

“A new year, a new us”. Too mainstream? We know.

I know it may seem really flat that we could not come up with a witty tagline to kick off 2017, you know saying things like “Editors Take on 2017!” or “Recreating the Vision of Monga – Editors Take Charge!” (okay fine these sound just as lame) but the point is, we felt like this somewhat classic and (sort of) overused slogan could possibly be a clear reflection of the message and good vibes we are trying to exude as we take on 2017 and embark on what we hope would be a fulfilling experience for all of us here at Monash, especially as we aim to highlight and emphasize on discourses and issues which we believe are incredibly important and deserve to be brought into the spotlight. Also, maybe it is because coming up with something that is slightly “cuter” or corny that’d make people feel all giddy and warm and go all “Aww the editors are so cute!” is something we don’t know how to do at the moment hence the “new year, new me” phrase and by “me” we mean “us” and by “us” we mean you guys as well but we are not saying y’all need to change yourselves or anything like that because like Oprah (or was it someone important? I cannot remember) said, everyone is special and you don’t need ever to change to please other people because you’re unique on your own and you are your own kind of special.

BUT if we are talking about clothes here then please do everyone a favour AND GO GET CHANGED THANKS.

But no seriously, the four of us just want to let you guys know that we are to bring about something that’s slightly more different for Monash this time around – something that’s colourful & engaging, hopefully out of the box but mostly, we just want to be as inclusive as we can be and this is why we believe that we are looking at a new move for all of us here and we want to work together with you guys, the students, the MAIN ASSETS of this university (apart from that gorgeous bridge hanging above our main gate) that makes the Monash community what it is. As a part of the student community in Monash, we understand the differences and diversity that exist; the very same things that make us unique as an institution that equips its students with education and lifelong skills and we want to encourage the exhibition and expression of these unique attributes. We also aspire to reach out in any way we can to anyone who sees us as the right platform to express themselves, be it through MONGA or Monash Weekly or any other sections within and outside of MUSA.

The four of us just want to let you guys know that we are to bring about something that’s slightly more different for Monash this time around.

As members (and future taxpayers cries) of the society, we believe that the university experience is crucial in shaping who we are and what we can be and it’s vital that we help, listen and encourage each other on this journey towards achieving our goals and dreams. The university experience can also be very stressful & depressing and there are days when we just want to be left alone and that’s understandable but should there ever be a time you need an outlet to cry out to, remember to reach out and ask for help. We strive to play a part in being as welcoming as we can be and as transparent as we can get and we hope that through the pieces we publish and the platforms we create, we would be able to at assist in a small way or another to spread the message of love, acceptance and care to everyone who needs it.

Here’s hoping that we would be of a great help and assistance to the students of Monash as we take on 2017!

❤ Your editors


Words by Calvin Fernandez

Picture by Samuel Goh

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  1. Jeremy says:

    the chick editor is a solid 4/10


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