4 tips on how to be a woman. Like literally

“A woman is quiet and submissive, always gentle. They are like a lamb. Soft and kind, loving and sweet”

This is what a girl hears every single time when we sit comfortably, or when we speak loudly, sometimes even when we breathe ………. -_-

We’ve been told how to dress, how to behave, how to live, and even being told what our small amount of rights were.

This is still a man’s world. But I believe that woman and man can never be equal. We are made for different purposes and we bring to the table different strengths. We are two pieces that become one when together. We rely on each other, whether we want to believe it or not.

Here is the thing though, as a woman, we don’t have specifics on how to live. I personally am sick and tired of male domination and male ego (I know not all men lah but freedom of speech pls :D)

My dear women, you are more than what society thinks of you.

Be a lioness

Because Nala

It takes so much effort to be strong, especially when things around you don’t work your way. When things go wrong, society often says because we lean on emotions and not our minds. But I believe this. “Lions are the best killers, but lionesses are the best hunters”- Lisa Bevere, Without Rival. We feel things that are wrong, it’s an in built instinct in us. Do not be afraid to feel and speak up, even when what your gut feels is against what everyone else says.

Don’t stop hustling

I get it, a woman might need to be a mother or wife someday. But please, please do not stop chasing your dreams and goals. I have seen so many girls give up their goals because they want someone to like them, to accept them. People may come and go, your career and your life is in your hands. And the more money you make, the more puppies you can adopt, then like what else do you need in life? :D

Love unconditionally


Coming from personal experience, this is definitely one of the hardest to do.  It’s difficult to forgive, to move on and to look at the bright side. But I promise you, choosing to love is the best thing ever. When you love, you see the best in people. You do things genuinely and your heart will be at peace. Revenge is never the answer, as much as the person is a duck to you. #Nohate? Lol

Empower and get empowered


We are meant to be in community and to not be isolated. Media portrays women to tear each other down. Jealousy, greed, insecurities pit women to be almost at war with each other. They pinpoint the bad in women but not how we can grow together and support each other, and we need to break the stereotype.  Sow into someone’s life with love and support. Encourage another woman, praise them and just be there for them. Don’t want what another has, but be happy for them. You will never know, that your encouragement will blossom a woman into who she needs to be. It’s not always about you ya know ;)

Anyways I’ve typed too much. Hoping you all will have a great day ahead !

Article by Jemima Darma Raj

Pictures from az616578.vo.msecnd.net & Disney.

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