The School of Business’ x MEC Fair: Monash’s Boothiful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a skill everyone wants to have, but no one’s really sure on how to get it. Sure, there’s a thousand and one “How to be an Entrepreneur” books on the market with varying levels of quality, but reading a book isn’t going to transform you into the next Jack Ma in a fortnight. Malaysia isn’t really a country where you can park a table outside your driveway and start selling lemonade to your fellow neighbours either! Knowing this dilemma, the School of Business and the Monash Entrepreneur Club rallied together to host their own fair from the 2nd until the 5th of May.

Desmond-MEC x SOB Bazaar (4 of 4).jpg

The purpose of this fair was to allow students to showcase their creativity in designing their respective booths, with close to a dozen booths set up for the fair each selling different kinds of foods. It also boiled down to the students manning the booths to be capable of capturing the attention of their fellow Monashians and promote their booths to hungry customers. When asked about the difficulty in participating in this fair, several of the booth caretakers responded with the primary challenge being successfully convincing passing students to come to their booth and take a look at what they’re selling. A stand was also set up with two boxes for students to vote for their favourite booths in terms of design and overall categories.

A-Fair (TC)-2.jpg
Undi! Inikalilah!

Starting from the 2nd of May, every morning the students taking part in the fair would arrive at the fair ground next to Auditorium 6117 and begin setting up their booths for the day, with equipment and food being brought in daily. Every day the booths would remain until well into the afternoon before the students would call it a day and pack up their booths until the only sign of the fair were the tents that covered the area. It was strenuous for the students to assemble and disassemble their booths every day, but they committed to their responsibilities and not only kept to their duties, but also ensured no trash was left behind.

Desmond-MEC x SOB Bazaar (2 of 4)
Everyone loves popcorn.

The fair finally ended on the 5th of May, with the students packing up their booths for the very last time in the afternoon, tired but content with the experience they had earned from the entire period the fair took place in, Overall, the fair was a resounding success with fair-goers and booth caretakers alike being able to benefit from the whole event.

Words by Jun Yau

Photos by Desmond Chin and Tristan Chan 


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