Freshman Year for Dummies

Freshman goal #1 : To not look like a freshman on campus.

To all freshmen, well you are in luck, because this is your fast guide on how to not look like a freshman during your freshman year at Monash.

To all upperclassmen, here are a few fun tips for figuring out if that kid who is walking around with a map is part of the class of 2020 (he most definitely is).

  1. Asking where a well-known campus landmark is

Could you tell me where Building 6 is? Uhm, of course boy. Just follow the smell of the food.

  1. Walking like they are casting for the werewolf pack in The Twilight Saga

Groups make them feel safe as they’re still new. If you spy a pack of students walking together, say no more fam. Here, meet all 200 of my course mates!

Are you a furry?
  1. That girl in her stilettos

Trying to look good on campus but also rushing to the basement from the 3rd floor for the next class…undoubtedly a freshman.

  1. Owning the entire bookstore on the first day of class

That feeling when you start chanting “will definitely hit a 4.0 this sem” or “this is my time to shine” and the entire bookstore is in your backpack. We’ve all been there before….

I still haven’t bought a textbook.
  1. Skipping classes is a taboo

Freshmen care about how many classes they’ve missed, not how many meals and hours of sleep they’ve missed.

  1. That lanyard around the neck

Yes, it’s awesome to be given free things, however, some things should be left hidden.

  1. Wearing that class of 2014 shirt from high school

You know, just trying to represent but it is okay to leave that stuff in the closet sometimes.

  1. Every conversation with a stranger begins with “what’s your major?”

Because there really isn’t anything else to talk about.

    9. Being well dressed for 8 a.m. classes

Shirts without creases and well matched clothes looking like they’re ready to be on the cover of Vogue : Freshman Issue.

Maybe she should join cheer.

    10. Being appropriately dressed for 8 a.m. classes

No pyjama pants, smudged eyeliner and just being “completely dressed” to class. Completely dressed, you know.

I don’t think he should join cheer.

    11. Attending 8 a.m. classes!!


Jokes aside, being a freshman is an exciting journey with a new environment and high expectations! Your career path will finally shine as you will now decide on your majors. Beware of the responsibilities it holds as it is the time of transition from teen to adulthood. Just as I have survived and so have countless of other former freshmen, so will you! Have fun and enjoy the new adventure you are now unfolding in life.

Article by Hemala Kanagarethinam Paul


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