MUSA (Engineering) Day – Semester 2 2017

“I go in hard and dry, I come out wet and soft,” was one of the many riddles us, Editors, had set for our MUSA Day station game.

Andrew Musa Day Sem 2 Watermarked 00023.jpg
Possibly the most challenging game? Look at the frustration on the facilitator’s face.

The other stations manned by MUSA members were just as creative (read: sick), as they welcomed the new Monash students from different schools with water guns, balls and blindfolds.

“I go in hard and dry, I come out wet and soft.”

Organized by Ian and Anandh, under the Activities Committee, MUSA Day commenced at 10am on Friday the 21st. Thus, capping off Orientation Week for Semester 2 2017. Ian commented saying “it was a fun time planning for MUSA Day and it was orchestrated with a lot of Linkin Park music.”

Unfortunately, everyone was obviously more enthusiastic at the other stations considering we had 20 ‘fun’ riddles at our Editors’ station. The other stations involved blowing bubbles through a hula hoop, by the Treasurers’ Department, ‘Tic Tac Toe Frisbee’ by Activities, and captain ball by the Publicity Department.

[Terence] MUSA Day (July 2017) 69.jpg
Those were so much harder to throw than real frisbees.
Chris Oh_Musa Day (July 2017)-4426.jpg
That’s dedication right there.

Publicity Committee members were proud to say that the game was intense and aggressive, and the best game MUSA could offer since it was better than ESPN.

MUSA Day Tiffany49.jpg
Ganas betul!

Besides that, the Women’s Officers carried out kickball at their station, which is basically baseball but kicking instead of playing with a bat.

Andrew Musa Day Sem 2 Watermarked 00035.jpg
I think you lost your shoe there.

The water balloon station by the VP Department was also a bursting success, as students had to throw 15 water balloons to their teammates and count the remaining balloons left intact.

Chris Oh_Musa Day (July 2017)-4467.jpg
Oh god, this game was hard.

Speaking of success, MUSA President, Janesh Nathan’s plan, to blend in as one of the janitors, was a clean disaster. In fact, an hour into the station games and 6-7 teams had already spotted him and demanded to take photos with the nicely disguised cleaner. Complete with the broom and dustpan too!

MUSA Day Tiffany37.jpg
Really suits him.

Aside from that, Activities also came up with another game station where the students had to carry a ball, across a minefield without using their hands, and drop it into a bucket. The catch was that they’d be shot at with the water guns, if they touched the cones on the ground (aka the minefield). “Everybody was wet, no survivors, KO,” was what the Activities Committee members had to say about their game.


Andrew Musa Day Sem 2 Watermarked 00006.jpg
I think they had fun getting wet ;)

The MUISS Department came up with their version of a dancing line. Participants had to come up with dance moves that would be repeated by their friends and a new move would be added at the end of each sequence. MUISS Department said that the game tests the understanding between the team and encourages team work. Meanwhile, the Welfare Department organized a maze in the MUSA lounge, where students were blindfolded and relied on their team leader to get through the maze. “It was lit,” they said.

Andrew Musa Day Sem 2 Watermarked 00038.jpg
I’m SURE nobody cheated in this.

After all 18 teams completed the stations, they trooped over to the Foyer for the prize-giving ceremony. Asyraf Nasir, the M.C. for the event, had the schools competing against each other in a chant war, while waiting for lunch from Fusion Hut. Some of the more memorable chants were from the School of IT: ‘IT, IT, we are mighty, IT, IT, show no mercy’, while there was no question that the School of Arts, Science, and Medicine had food on their minds. Their cheers, respectively, were “We want food,” “We want more food,” and “We are med, med, med hungry.”

Finally, the top ten teams were announced and hampers were awarded to the winners with the most points. Although there was a bit of a Steve Harvey moment for the fourth placing, it was clear that the School of Engineering wiped the floor by claiming the top 5 spots. The school of Arts and Social Sciences managed to place 6th and 8th, while the School of Business won the 7th and 9th placing and School of IT rounded off the list at 10th place.

The new Monashians had quite a bit to say about the day, and while most were positive, some students remarked that they were too tired to complain about the negatives. BUT, in the end, the consensus was that “MUSA day was fun and the buddies were friendly and supportive, while being the most passionate member of the group.” All in all, “it was a really wet day.”

[Terence] MUSA Day (July 2017) 134.jpg
Obligatory group shot.
Words by Stephanie Leng & Natasha Fernandez

Photos by Andrew Peter Lim, Tiffany See, Christopher Oh & Terence Kong

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