MUSA (Engineering) Day (Sem 1, 2018)

One of the few things you would hear seniors and peers alike suggest when you whine about having trouble making friends is to attend MUSA Day. MUSA Day is pretty much an Amazing Race with teams represented by each school. If you’re a student who loves fun, then MUSA Day is fantastic to meet new people and kickstart your student life here. For those who don’t like fun, MUSA Day could easily be regarded as a giant hazing party.

The morning of 23 February was a bit of a haze for MUSA members who came in early to set up their respective game stations. Besides the President, each MUSA division and department had their stations scattered across campus. Each team has to find the location and accumulate as many points as possible. The winning School is then decided by the highest points.

Desmond_MUSA day (7 of 115)
All fired up and ready to go!

At the start of the race, the sight of teams dispersing looked a little like a low-rent reproduction of a Hunger Games movie — grand, but without the visual effects. Before starting each game, teams had to confirm their location and announce their arrival with chants unique to each school. Some were cute, while some were enough to start a Wakandan revolution.

Starting from the Editors’ station, the two competing teams had to split themselves into pairs, wheelbarrow over to the finish line and pick out candy in a bowl of flour… with only their mouths. Sweaty faces were soon covered in flour, and would surely impress any makeup enthusiasts who bake their faces.

Desmond_MUSA day (41 of 115)
I want that candy!

Over at the dance studio was where the MUISS division held a good ol’ game of charades. Even though this was a less physically-exhaustive challenge, teams still had to mime and yell their way through.

The Welfare Officers turned everyone’s favourite MUSA Lounge into an unfamiliar zone by having all but one member from each team blindfolded. Following the guidance of the remaining member, the blindfolded members had to navigate through a ‘maze’ while having their hands on each other’s shoulders. Not only did they have to avoid bumping into different obstacles, they also had to experience random balls being hurled towards them.

MUSA Day-38
Watch your step

Just like the good old days, the Publicity Officers prepared the teams for a competitive game of captain ball. If you thought you would never live to see the day it rained Ultra Boosts and Flyknits, the Vice Presidents would like you to think again. Freshies were seen hurling footwear across the court in hopes of it being caught by their teammates.

Moving on to the field, both the stations by the Activities Chairpersons and Treasurers were determined to cool down and wash off the remains of any SPF anyone had put on that day. The Treasurers ensured that the freshies enjoyed an intense game of dodgeball with a twist, where the ball was replaced with water-soaked sponges. It was definitely a more sustainable alternative compared to water balloons, and could definitely be reused for charity car washes in the future. At the Activities’ station, pairs from each team had to navigate through a small field of ‘landmines’ while being conjoined at their bellies. Those who stepped on landmines were attacked with water guns.

Desmond_MUSA day (59 of 115)

For those who choose to remain ignorant, the Wom*n’s Officers had plenty in store as team members had to embark on a three-legged race, while matching different cards containing sexual myths to their actual facts — all in mud-filled buckets. Some teams passed with flying colors, while some would have found it to be an opportunity to learn about consent, equality, and feminism.

At the General Secretary’s station, participants had plenty (of bubbles) to blow, as their goal was to make sure their bubbles passed through hula-hoops.

Over at the last station, the C&S division had prepared a challenge where team members had to move from one end to another while standing on chairs. It was definitely a sight to see how teams from each school chose to manoeuvre across the line.

Desmond_MUSA day (69 of 115)
Get those chairs moving

Throughout the event, Mr. President was unfortunately nowhere to be found, but it was definitely nice to see staff from our Facilities department sweep across campus grounds with a shoddy broom and a dustpan.

After completing each station, all the teams gathered for lunch before the winning school was announced. And you know what they say, the loudest wheel gets the grease! Judging by their lasting, burning enthusiasm, regardless of whether it was at 9am or at 12pm, the fact that MUSA Day was once again won by the School of Engineering was definitely no surprise. Just from their t-shirts alone, Engineering students make it a point to let you know you can always trust them — perhaps this is just manifestation taking its form?

[Terence] MUSA Day (S1, 2018) 1
MUSA Day should be renamed to Engineering Day la…
Article by LingJie Tuang and Elizabeth Gerard

Photos by Desmond Chin, Terence Kong and Shaun Stanley

Video by Terence Kong

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