The Rampage – C&S Week

Monday, the dreaded day of all time.

I walked in with the usual resting face, because ugh people, community, sunlight, It BURNS.

One more friggin’ year then bye : D

Anyway, walking in and politely saying “no” to people asking if I was a first-year student, it finally hit me that it was Clubs and Societies week.

KHOSYI - C&S DAY 1 -13
“Too. Many. Clubs. And. Societies.”

The foyer, was a rampage, to put it lightly.

With stunning booths set up from the clubs and societies, even my dark soul was intrigued. Some of the best booths that were there were the Monash Christian Fellowship (they had fairy lights weyh!) and the Monash Street Dance Society, but collectively it looked like some mini bazaar that was happening.

The crowd was filled with a bunch of first-year (probably some other years too, but yeah) kids RUSHING almost to join the clubs and societies that were there.

Girls’ Generation? (feat. Monash Street Dance Society!)

Talking to one of the kids that did not want to be named, she said that she wanted to be involved more on campus and that everything looks so inviting.

Inviting, true, the amount of WhatsApp group texts later on though…

The Monash Dance Fusion Club was also one of the most happening ones, with performances to intrigue the crowd to join their club. With Latin dance and girlstyles, they got the crowd cheering loudly.

KHOSYI - C&S DAY 3 -25
These girls are on 🔥

What piqued my interest was how diverse the university was with mindsets and different ways of relaxing.

We have clubs that grow passion like the Monash University Investment Group, to clubs that is just a place to relax, or go deeper into ones’ spirituality. Lets also not forget about the clubs that put getting fit and enjoying the workout a priority.

KHOSYI - C&S DAY 2 -10
Not the kind of massage I would go for

My takeaways from the whole week were

  1. Join the clubs you love, because only then will you not feel like its an obligation to go.
  2. Remember you’re still a student first, and your academics are top priority. The clubs will be there next year too!
  3. Have fun and make new friends while in those clubs. They will be the best memories of your university years.

Our C&S division are actually having the bi-annual “Best Booth Competition”, so stick around, the winners will be announced on their Facebook page soon!

Stay alive this semester, may it be as bright as your future!


Article by Jemima

Photos by Khosyi

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