C&S To Be Broke By Monash Cup? (3rd MSC Meeting of 2018)

If you still give two hoots about student affairs and welfare, but can’t be bothered to watch a two-hour livestream of the entire MSC, here’s a (late) recap of what went down on the 23rd of March, our third MSC!

President Thush provided a quick update on the potentially-revived alliance between Sunway and Taylor’s. Among the three presidents, they discussed about the liabilities, contributions, and benefits towards each respective universities, along with its timeline as all three universities did not share similar academic calendars. While Sunway is more willing to see how this goes, the president from Taylor’s expresses hesitance as he wishes to resolve issues on his own campus before moving forward.

“See, the thing is,…”

Thush has also taken serious measures towards obtaining student feedback, as the online feedback form has been set up and publicized on the MUSA Facebook page. The MUSA Week held on Week 7 is also set to gauge student insight, as students can ask MUSA members anything related to the student welfare. The extremely successful MUSA Forum will be held then as well.

Gen Sec’s report was a quick recap of the by-elections that happened late February to early March. Other than the MUISS Editor’s position, the four MUISS positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity and Activities Officer have been successfully elected.

The C&S Heads, Sharik and Ashley reported that the Monash Cup AGM will be pushed to 28 March to provide sufficient time for executive committee recruitments, while athlete recruitment will start from April 6 to extend the training period. For the very first time, students from the MBBS intake will also not miss out on the chance to join clubs and societies as a special booth will be set up for them to explore their options.


As for the faulty Recreational Booking System (RBS) that has immensely affected events from both C&S and MUSA, Sharik and Ashley have reported their continuous efforts with the school management to ease the situation.

Before concluding the C&S report, Sharik mentioned that his department is set to go broke by Monash Cup, as the event’s hefty (RM 90,000) cost did not receive sufficient funding from the Vice Presidents. The Vice Presidents were not present to provide their side of the story that day.

Broke by Monash Cup? Triggered indeed

The Editors’ department also echoed similar sentiments as they faced insufficient funding for the printing of their MONGA publication, as their budget was underestimated by about RM 5,000. After readjusting their budget, the editors could gather about RM 3,400 — which left them requiring a total of RM 1,600 from the other departments. After offering a few options (either lowering the pages, the amount of copies, or both), the Editors were open to questions from the floor. President Thush’s suggestion that the Editors could perhaps charge for the publication raised further concerns from the Editors as they fear the demand for publication may worsen. Some departments were keen on helping out but expressed that they needed more time to reflect on their respective budgets before making their decision. As a conclusion, the General Secretary proposed the presentation of this motion in the following MSC, as the transfer of funds could not happen on that day.

Other highlights from school reps included the success of their respective mingle nights. School of Science ended up joining forces with the School of Business as the event from the former school had to be rescheduled over the recent water disruptions. Albeit the lower turnout and last minute changes, their collaborative was deemed a success! No wasted food, and everybody had fun. School of Engineering’s Buddy-Buddee Night also made sure everyone had a great night, with some constructive criticism proposing for more engaging games.

Monash, I surrender my life to you

When it was announced that the SOB Course Management Office disregards the SSLC’s purpose for students to voice out their dissatisfaction on unit-related matters, but to only discuss about the course in general, a few concerns were raised from the floor. While Editor Terence believes that this will prevent students from attacking lecturers, Editor Ling Jie was concerned over the efficiency to provide course-only matters in SSLC, and not speak about unit-specific matters as the course contains a variety of majors and units. It was also difficult to provide feedback forms in lectures (as suggested by SoIT rep, Skyler) for the number of units and lectures in SOB itself. Turns out, there are slight differences in functions of SSLC across different schools.

Notice me, senpai?

And that marks the end of another MSC! Check out the recording of what went down below. For more detailed information for any of these, refer to the 3rd MSC Meeting Minutes. Also, please feel free to bring up your opinions and feedback for any of the issues during MUSA Forum, or send them through the feedback form here!


Article by LingJie Tuang

Photos by Terence Kong

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