Glow Up In The Dark

For most of us here, week 5 is normally regarded as ‘stress week’, seeing as some of the units (unless you’re unlucky like me, then all of the units) has an assignment or test due. On Thursday of this week, the Monash University Student Association (MUSA) hosted the Glow Up event. Essentially, it was a free and easy way for us students to destress after a hectic few weeks. It seriously could not have happened at a better time.

NICK - Glow Up - WM-9.jpg
Glow up also involves make up

The Monash field, basketball court and football court was adorned with glow in the dark sticks. Plenty of games were set up like the glow in the dark bowling and twister which was loads of fun. There was even a glow up station where we could get our face painted with glow in the dark paint and deck ourselves up with as much glow sticks as our hearts desires. Together with the large amount of pizzas served, not to mention the delicious ice cream from Icecream lab, which was so good, it had all the ingredients of a fun night and certainly did not disappoint.  

Clearly, they had fun and got creative with those glow sticks…

Not only was the night a hoot and half, but to top it off, the night concluded with a big water balloon fight! The water balloons were flailing from every direction. There was nowhere to hide across the large Monash field and with limited ammo we were all on the defense. Almost no chance of walking away with dry clothes that’s for sure. With every throw of a water balloon, it almost felt cathartic, like the stress and anxiety of the week was dissipating. It was certainly a great way for us students to let off steam and unwind from what personally felt like an incredibly long and never ending week of assignments. It gave us a chance to have fun, meet new people and eat loads. All in all not a bad way to spend a night here on campus.

Article by Sharifah Azlinah

Photos by Joseph Ma and Ryan Wee

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