Viridis Green Awareness Campaign

With Earth Day being just around the corner (22nd April to be exact), campaigns on environmental protection are doubled to serve as reminders for the ones who contribute the most to Earth’s pollution – us. As part of the #MonashGoesGreen movement, Viridis organized a campaign to enlighten students on the environmental issues going around globally. Green Representative Network (GRN), Leo Club, Radio Monash, and Monash Dance Fusion Club joined hands for this Environmental Awareness Campaign held at the Foyer from the 26th to 28th of March 2018, with a dance performance happening on the last day.

“I hope this campaign will be the spark, the kickstarter needed to increase awareness and encourage action in Monashians which could pave way for instilling environmental values,” stated Wee Liam, one of the organisers. He carries on his wishes for Monashians to encourage others in protecting the environment even after leaving the university through the values gained from this campaign.

Way to a better Earthling…

I only got to experience the exhibition on the last day due to some changes happening on the first day that caused the exhibition to be postponed. The ever-cheery people of Radio Monash were there every now and then by urging students who passed by to pop in the exhibition.

The exhibition starts off with the visitors going in a small tent of black cloth to watch a compelling rap video by Prince Ea (look up Dear Future Generations: Sorry on Youtube!) about the worrying climate change. After our emotions were stirred from watching it, we got to look at numerous environment-related posters prepared including information on the various organizations advocating in helping our Mother Earth. A huge white writing space was available for visitors to write any pledges of efforts for a more sustainable world. As a non-creative person with no originality, I pledged to reduce water usage since it’s better being safe than sorry considering the water issue we had two weeks before, ahem.

Spreading the awareness for a greener tomorrow

Besides getting to remind myself to incorporate more environmental-friendly practices in my daily life, one great merchandise I got from the exhibition was the Viridis badge. Not only did it make a statement for others to be more environmental conscious when pinned on my pencil case or on my backpack, showing it to the Toast To Love stall also got me a free sweet Matcha pudding!

All in all, the Viridis event serves as a much-needed reminder for us students of Monash that every choice we make can impact the environment and it is up to us whether we want to play a supportive role or to be the antagonist adding on to the mounting pile of our world’s problems. By 2025, Monash expects to become a carbon neutral campus and we are here to give our utmost support!


Article by Durrah Sharifah

Photos by Fatyn Afiqah


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