Revival: 4th IChemE Sports Day 2018

Last Saturday was a very special day for the Monash Malaysia’s IChemE club. It has been SEVEN years since the first event that brought together IChemE student chapters from universities around Malaysia. No, it wasn’t an event where a bunch of engineers sit around and design model airplanes. We have fun too! And what better way to bond amongst a bunch of competitive, sleep-deprived individuals than with a friendly game of dodgeball?

Copy of RYAN iChemE Watermarked - 1.jpg
Before the games begin…

It was the perfect day for a sports event. The weather was as fine as Beyoncé at Coachella this year (and as always). The opening ceremony was banging, thanks to Sunway University’s 24 Seasonal Drum Team. It was a great turnout; there were teams that came in all the way from Pahang AND Perlis! Different games were held all around campus and Extreme Park. It was a day filled with adrenaline, sweat, tears and quite possibly blood.

The coach of the UniMAP dodgeball team truly stole the show with his energy when giving (shouting) out pointers to his team. I would say he’s the Sir Alex Ferguson of dodgeball coaches. Winners were announced during the closing ceremony at the end of the day. Medals, cash prizes and vouchers were given out to the victors. There were even awards for best ‘Wefie’ and best team cheer.

Nick - Icheme-45.jpg
Damn, I wish I looked half as decent as these athletes when being photographed whilst doing some kind of physical activity…

There was no way this day would be as successful as it was if it was not for the amazing Mee San, the president of the Monash IChemE club. It was a very proud moment for her because the club have built something very special out of nothing in under 6 months *cue gasp*. You could almost hear Drake’s ‘Started from the Bottom’ when she was giving her acknowledgement speech at the closing ceremony. The assistant chairperson of this event, Jin Yi even had assignments due the next day but she was still fully committed to the event.

It is so great to see women leaders run big organizations like this. My inner feminist wannabe is swelling with pride. Well, it only makes sense for me to sign off with the club’s motto,

“Don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limit!”

Article by Pei Dee

Photos by Nicholas Khoo and Ryan Wee


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