C&S Review: Monash Performing Arts Club (MPAC)

Mondays can be a real Mon-DIE sometimes, especially when you know the week is going to come at you like a pick-up truck driven by an intoxicated person who’s going to pull a hit and run. You’re gonna be left lying in the middle of campus, trying to catch your breath while getting the life sucked out of you-

After attending one of the Performing Arts Club weekly meetings last Monday, they really put back some of the life that was so callously robbed from me by uni. Earlier this semester, members were divided into teams and were asked to write scripts that would be performed by the members themselves on the ‘Night of Drama’, which will be held in Week 10 (7th of May). Ticket sales start next week!

MPAC NOD 2017 Sem 1 - Sam-1970415.jpg
You dead?

This week’s meeting was the first of the many table-reads that they’re going to have before the big day. Having had a little sneak-peek of the actors’ performances, I’m def purchasing a ticket myself. I’m sure with weeks of practice and the help of the incredibly experienced board of committees, P.T. Barnum can step aside because THIS is going to be The Greatest Show.

It was a very interactive table-read as feedbacks were given on the spot, no tongues held back. Compliments and criticisms were also taken humbly and respectfully. The opening act of one of the teams was so intriguing, it knocked Sharsi (the president of the club) off his feet. It could also be because the whiteboard that was utilised as a door in the scene almost fell on top of him.

“WHAT ARE YOU?!” You know what comes next…

People from different faculties running a production together really put you in perspective on how diverse the Monash community is and how well we work together despite our differences.  I genuinely think The Night of Drama is going to be a good one; I can feel it in my bones. Different stories told by different groups of people. There really is something for everyone. Keep an eye out for ticket sales HERE!


Article by Pei Dee

Photos taken by Samuel Goh in 2017


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